Extra Practice

Every student should be doing all of the following at least once a week to help reinforce what is taking place in our classroom;

-reading a menu or portion of a book out loud to family

-counting change or practice counting various amounts of money

-try to do a simple budget of an allowance or recyclables (whatever way they make money)

-practice a transit route (with or without help depending on skill level)

-cook for themselves or the family following a recipe (if there is no time to allow the student to do the cooking, have them read the recipe to whomever IS cooking

-writing a journal about their day or have an accomplishments notebook (students can write down what they have achieved or done on their own that day)

-Give  your student a scenario to problem solve each night Рit can be time related, in the moment, etc (i.e.- if you need to arrive to work at 9am and the bus takes 30 minutes what time do you need to leave? OR if the crosswalk is closed, how can you get across the street safely? OR if the train is so crowded that you miss your stop, what do you do?)

-Do a practice translink route, so the student becomes more and more familiar with using this technology.