Japanese 11: Tokyo Guide Book

In this project, your group will research a district of Tokyo or popular place in Tokyo.


Begin by logging in at the top right hand side to the Byng library page, using your usual computer log in and password. This will open up the database page for you.

World Book database: go to the fourth column of databases, and scroll all the way down to the bottom to find the icon. After opening up the database, choose the advance option and search “Tokyo” : this will give you a useful starting point of general information about the city as a whole with some links to specific areas.

EBSCO database: this contains some useful travel articles on Tokyo.

With both of these databases, you can generate your works cited reference automatically.

If you need to access these databases at home, log in to the Byng library page; after selecting your database, you may need to enter an additional username and password. You will be reminded of what this is in class!

The National Geographic’s “A Local’s Guide to Tokyo” is another useful starting point and contains helpful links to specific areas and places.

For researching specific areas or places in Tokyo, you mainly use these pre-selected sites:

You need to keep track of your sources and be able to cite them correctly. You may want to use an online bibliography tool like EasyBib. This will allow you to create the citations and generate your bibliography slide effectively. There is also a help sheet available in the library.

You can find examples of Works Cited entries here and an example of a Works Cited page here. Remember entries should be listed in alphabetical order.

Access date is a recommendation, not a requirement for MLA8 citations.

Mr. Olafsson would like you to include the date you accessed electronic resources. An example of this would be (note that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines of the citation should be indented):

Kenna, Siobhan. “Japan’s Crying Sumo Competition Has Nothing To Do With Crying Sumo
Wrestlers.” Huffington Post Australia, Huffington Post Australia, 16 May 2017,
has-nothing-  to-do-with-crying-su_a_22091579/. Accessed 23 Jan. 2018.