Spanish 12 Artist Project


In addition to consulting the books provided, you can find information on most of the following people in two reliable databases:  World Book Online (Advanced) and Global Issues in Context. These can be accessed through the Byng library page; the login is 39by and the password is library.

The website Spanish Art is also useful as it provides not only a background to Spanish painting, sculpture, and architecture, but also artist, period, and movement specific information.

You need to use at least five primary sources for creating your project.

You may NOT use Wikipedia as a primary source.

You need to keep track of your sources and be able to cite them correctly. You may want to use an online bibliography tool like EasyBib. This will allow you to create the citations and generate your bibliography slide effectively. There is also a help sheet available in the library. You can find an example of a Works Cited page here.

Realistas / Clasicos

Artistas Abstractos / Modernos

Mezcladas / otras / entre categorias

  • Antoni Gaudi: arquitecto
  • Diego Rivera: pintor muralista
  • Frida Kahlo: pintora
  • Graciela Iturbide: fotografa