The Byng Arts Mini School, established in 1999, is for above average students whose energies and passions are directed toward the Fine Arts. The Byng Arts Mini School operates as a school-within-a-school and is a community of staff, students, and parents within the larger artistic and academic communities in Vancouver. Successful applicants to Byng Arts will be students who not only direct their energy and passions towards the Fine Arts, but who are also curious, self-motivated, and have demonstrated a record of strong academic achievement.

Students in Byng Arts will have a Fine Art specialization in one of the following areas: Band, Drama, Strings, or Visual Arts (further opportunities are available in Literary Arts and Drama/Film & Television). Students attend several of their academic classes together as a cohort of motivated learners -- English, Social Studies and Science classes are especially streamed for this reason.

In addition to an enriched curriculum, all students in Byng Arts participate in events, which feature community artists, musicians and performers. These events strengthen the collaboration between Byng and the professional arts community.