Advanced Programming

Unit 1: Review

  1. Lesson 1 (Sept 12) - simple drawing
  2. Lesson 2 (Sept 14) - (not recorded yet) repeating drawing of composite shapes with functions and loops
  3. Lesson 3 (Sept 18) - simple animation
  4. The Mode Framework (coming soon)

Unit 2: Connecting Sketches over a Network

  1. Server / Client basics
  2. Make an account at CodingBat
  3. Strings are the way messages are encoded in processing. Read about strings here.
  4. Oct. 18: Do String-1 Exercises from codingBat: helloName, makeAbba, makeTags, makeOutWord, extraEnd, firstTwo, firstHalf, withoutEnd, comboString, nonStart, left2, right2, nTwice, hasBad, atFirst, middleThree
  5. Oct. 24: Do Array-1 Exercises from codingBat: firstLast6, sameFirstLast, makePi, commonEnd, sum3, rotateLeft3, sum2, has23, double23, biggerTwo, swapEnds, frontPiece, front11
  6. Oct. 26: Refresh your memory about Loops, then read about Arrays and Loops. Do Array-2 Exercises from codingBat: sum13, has22, lucky13, more14,

Unit 3: Connecting a Sketch to a Physics Engine

  1. Fisica Reference Page
  2. Download Fisica example sketch
  3. Jan 9th, 2018 Watch this video about using a physics engine in Processing!
  4. Jan 11th, 2018 Watch this video about controlling an FBody with the keyboard inside of the Physics Engine.
  5. Making a Camera Follow Your Character
  6. Character Animations
  7. Making a Collapsing Bridge
  8. Making Animated Terrain
  9. Making Switches
  10. Making Swimmable Water
  11. Project Criteria

3. Animated Terrain

4. Switches

5. Water and .getContacts()

6. LavaBoxes and Classes that Extend FBox

7. Making Enemies, Part 1

7. Making Enemies, Part 2

8. Sprite Based Animations

9. Loading New Worlds

Fisica Links

  1. Fisica Reference Page
  2. Fisica Platformer To-Do List
  3. Reverse function for reversing a PImage.