Advanced Programming

Unit 1: Review

  1. Lesson 1 (Sept 12) - simple drawing
  2. Lesson 2 (Sept 14) - (not recorded yet) repeating drawing of composite shapes with functions and loops
  3. Lesson 3 (Sept 18) - simple animation
  4. The Mode Framework (coming soon)

Unit 2: Connecting Sketches over a Network

  1. Server / Client basics
  2. Make an account at CodingBat
  3. Strings are the way messages are encoded in processing. Read about strings here.
  4. Oct. 18: Do String-1 Exercises from codingBat: helloName, makeAbba, makeTags, makeOutWord, extraEnd, firstTwo, firstHalf, withoutEnd, comboString, nonStart, left2, right2, nTwice, hasBad, atFirst, middleThree
  5. Oct. 24: Do Array-1 Exercises from codingBat: firstLast6, sameFirstLast, makePi, commonEnd, sum3, rotateLeft3, sum2, has23, double23, biggerTwo, swapEnds, frontPiece, front11
  6. Oct. 26: Refresh your memory about Loops, then read about Arrays and Loops. Do Array-2 Exercises from codingBat: sum13, has22, lucky13, more14,

Unit 3: Connecting a Sketch to a Physics Engine

  1. Fisica Reference Page
  2. Download Fisica example sketch
  3. Jan 9th, 2018 Watch this video about using a physics engine in Processing!
  4. Jan 11th, 2018 Watch this video about controlling an FBody with the keyboard inside of the Physics Engine.
  5. Making a Camera Follow Your Character
  6. Character Animations
  7. Making a Collapsing Bridge
  8. Making Animated Terrain
  9. Making Switches
  10. Making Swimmable Water
  11. Project Criteria

Fisica Links

  1. Fisica Reference Page
  2. Fisica Platformer To-Do List
  3. Reverse function for reversing a PImage.

Twitter Bots

  1. How to merge Fisica and Twitter4j (includes typing text querries in procressing and how to use backspace)

Three Dimensional Sketches

  1. Daniel Shiffman's 3d tutorials