Beginning Programming

Erorr Messages

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A First Look at Processing

  1. What It's All About
  2. Getting Started
  3. Coordinate System
  4. Functions and Parameters
  5. Color
  6. Drawing Functions
  7. Assignment 1

Animation and Processing

  1. Active vs. Static Sketches
  2. Setup and Draw
  3. Built-In Variables
  4. Make Your Own Variables
  5. Assignment 2

The Sketch Pad Project

  1. Basic Drawing Sketch
  2. Designing Your Interface
  3. Coding Your GUI

The Target Clicking Game

  1. The Mode Framework
  2. Project Basics
  3. Adding Music/SFX

The Game of Pong

  1. Jan 9th, 2018: Check out this video on Keyboard Input and Collisions!
  2. Jan 11th, 2018: Check out this video about our next project- Pong! - and get started!