My Journey

The world has changed. Information Technology now permeates every aspect of our lives, even more so for our children. But in the classroom, there is still a great tension between the old world and the new. The classroom - the place that is supposed to prepare children for the future - is often a technological void where devices are shunned and connections are severed.

I knew in my mind and my heart that this is wrong. But how does one introduce technology into the class without unleashing the inevitable chaos that it will bring? Distractions, technical failures, and misguided attempts plagued my first steps into this arena. But I pressed on, because I owed it to my students to prepare them for the world that would be, not the world that was. And yet as I fumbled, I watched as students began to leave my school for online courses, where this tension did not exist.

During my struggles, I began to hear about a far away island; a place where technology and education were not adversaries but allies. This island was UBC's MET Program. And so, beginning in the fall of 2009, every night after the chairs were up and my students had all gone home, I would set sail for this island, hoping to learn how to bridge the technological divide in my classroom and preapre for the future of education.

This is the story of that journey.

Guided Tour

To come on this journey with me, you'll need to know a bit about how to get around, and about all the things to see and do here. This guided tour, produced in Snagit and hosted on YouTube will assist your experience greatly.

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