ETEC 522: Ventures in Learning Technology

My adventure began at the Great Harbour City of ETEC 522. My ship arrived in the harbour, jostling its way through dozens of galleys and caravels, each one brimming in global learning technologies products, services and initiatives. Everywhere in the street, I heard hawkers hyping EduTech products and services, and money exchanging hands. With all of the marketing and hype, who could I trust on this island?

I didn't start on this journey to learn how to market educational technology, I started because I wanted to learn how better to teach with technology. But, in this course I learned that Educational Technology isn't just aboout teaching, it's an entire industry. Every tool I've ever taught or taught with started out as a pitch, and requires a lot of money to go from idea to the classroom.


The course started out with a business Boot Camp, where we learend the fundamentals of succesful ventures and the structure of teh global learning technologies market place. In doing so, I analyzed various EduTech venture pitches.

Critiquing another person's pitch was one thing. Next came time for me to put into practice what I had been learning in theory. I created a pitch for a fictional EduTech company known as P.I.E., the Python Interactive Education company.

Next, I explored the business of classroom robotics by analyzing a tool which I love to teach - Lego NXT robotics kits. I wrote this essay on the history and future of the business of Lego robotics.

For the final project, I joined forces with classmates to research and analyze the potential market for mobile technology in K-12 schools and universities. Using Ning, we colaboratively built the following module to teach our fellow students about this market.

What I Gained From ETEC 522

This course taught me to see EduTech as an industry, not just as pedagogical tools. Although I began this course on a high horse scoffing at business and thinking only of the needs of my students, I soon realized how essential this process is to the realization of all of my favorite EduTech tools. Also, I began to consider how much marketing had shaped our current EduTech climate - perhaps more than the technology itself.

Items Acquired:

The Industrial Helm: The wearer of this helm will be able to see the business side of EduTech, with all the good and bad that comes with that. The wearer will be able to see through hype and bogus claims, and tell the difference between a true-hearted EduTech entrepreneur and a snake-oil salesman.