Note from your editors:

Hello Lord Byng! This is Amy Wang, Beverly Ma, and Sabrina Li from grade eleven and we are delighted to be your Grey Ghost Gazette editors this year! We apologize for the delay in school news, but we finally have this awesome new blog up and running, where you can enjoy articles written by our amazing writers. On this blog, you can find some fantastic articles that range from interviews to exciting school news. This online medium also allows many more possibilites that enhance school news such as posting photos in COLOUR (no way!), videos, links to other websites, artwork, and MANY MORE!

We will be continuously making new posts, so you will always be updated with events around and outside of school. We hope you enjoy this online newspaper!

Due to the delay, you will find articles from Halloween and Remembrance Day that you should also check out!

Feel free to drop by our meetings every Tuesday at lunch in Ms. Hughes’s room. Everyone is welcome!