Step by step I slowly and miserably

pace to my beloved’s coffin.

One says the most pleasurable thing in

the world is to watch their bride

walking to them while recalling

their enchanting romance.

Here I am, contrarily looking at my

Juliet- who is still such a charming

beauty, except her stillness shows the

inexorable fact that she has passed away.

Regardless of the disagreement of our families,

we come together because of our love.

In spite of how many hardships we have

overcome, as long as we are together,

the world is blissful and ideal.

But why? Why Juliet? Why would you

leave me here alone when you know

you are my whole world?

God! Oh God! Why is sorrow always

in my portion?


Remembering the first time I saw her,

I was delighted that I had gone to the

Capulet’s family party.

Meeting her, the virgin angel on

Earth, I immediately and unconsciously

sank into her azure eyes.

When our eyes met, our world began.

Meeting her was our fate, kissing her

expressed a love that I had not yet


My eagerness to see her again was the beginning

of our bitterly sweet romance.



Involuntarily, I followed the shadow of

the lovely maiden I have just kissed.

Shocked by the news that she was the only

daughter of my family’s enemy- Capulet.

How could my only love sprung from

my only hate?

Stunned by her love to me, for I felt the

same way.

Nothing can stop us now to be

star-crossed lovers.

The moon and stars witnessed our vows

of love.

Blessedness was filling both of us as

we lay our soulful hearts upon each other.

To wish the time would pause forever

at this moment, that was my greedy desire.


The feuds between our families could not

stop our full-hearted love.

When the church bells rang, we had

our secret and holy wedding.

Our happiness was only momentary.

Anger take over my soberness when

I impetuously pulled out my sword to

duel and slay my family’s enemy and

my hidden cousin.

How could I? How could I destroy our love

completely by such foolishness?

Oh Juliet, dear Juliet! How am I going

to live after this, as our love can be only

achieved in our imaginary paradise?

To flee from this situation and prepare

for our reunion was the only choice I was

left with.

See you, my darling Juliet, with the promise

to meet you again.




But, how can you, leave our world

behind, as you solely pace in heaven

by yourself?

This unendurable feeling irritates my


One says the worst way to miss

someone is to be sitting right beside

them knowing they are not with you.

Now here I am, wholeheartedly feeling

this impression upon myself, as I see

you with my sad eyes.

All right, if you are leaving, I will have

no reason to stay, for anywhere you go,

I want to be with you, forever.

Heaven or hell, I do not care if we

are together.

If I had to decide whether to breathe

or to love you, I would use my last

breath to tell you… Je t’aime.

I would not cry because it is over,

but smile because I will be with you.


See you, Juliet, in the afterlife.

I will meet you again,

I will love you again,

We will be in love again,

Our romance will last forever.