Exhausted? Hate your grades? Kinda confused? That’s okay – these symptoms are typical if you are a grade eight. To help the new students ace the new term, we asked grade nines to give some anonymous advice.


1. Be Organized

Though it sounds boring, being organized is extremely helpful in your secondary school experience. This means using your agenda for finding special days, planning and writing down homework that you are bound to forget. Another tip is to set goals for yourself; again, not very exciting, but it works. These goals should be specific and realistic.

x  “Get better marks in English.” – vague

√  “Read 50 pages every day.” – better


2. Study

This should be pretty obvious, but studying is important; it’s the reason we go to school! As your teachers say, flash cards are very useful. Getting good grades, however, is relatively easy in the first year of secondary school, so don’t overwork yourself either.

Also, study for exams (midterms and finals). Though they are not as torturous as some expect, they can be intimidating, and knowing your facts can help you breeze through them.


3. Have Fun

Enjoy grade eight! Most of the advice we received was on having fun while you still can. Don’t take everything so seriously and take risks. Moreover, join clubs and attend school events, especially ones only for grade eights, like Elf Day. BUT do not let your fun damage your study habits (as in, procrastinate); vegetate after you finish your homework. Lastly, make lots of good friends; chances are, you’ll still be friends with them for the rest of your years at school.