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Month: January 2014

Senior Boys Basketball vs. Magee: quick overview- Michelle Yee

Previously, Byng had won against Magee. Unfortunately, Monday turned out to be a tough loss, over-time. In the first half the Senior Boys had a regrettable 21 turn overs while playing offence; although Byng wasn’t that far behind in the score. Darren He played a strong game, ending 32 possessions with John Yan. Some great boxouts were made on offensive rebounds. The final score was 72-80.

So what went wrong? On the court…? Not much. Just the regular offense and defense things basketball teams go through. Off the court is the problem. The bleachers remain empty with a few lingering parents. It may be mid years, but I’m sure all of us can use a break and support our school (as lame as this sounds, it really isn’t). If you go and attend a basketball game at other schools, especially for the senior teams, you’ll find a decent amount of spectators. At Byng, on the rare occasion you will maybe find a group of friends appear for a bit, and add to the couple parents watching their kids. Maybe we can change that in the next few weeks?

Statistics courtesy of Tommy Wu.

Movie Review: Three Idiots- Rose Wu

                Looking for a tear-jerking, hilarious movie to watch? “3 Idiots” will guarantee you lots of laughs and an overall exciting movie experience. 3 Idiots is an Indian movie that give you a classic Bollywood feeling with its dancing and music. It is a 2009 film (so it’s not in theatres anymore) that has received a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes! I wasn’t too sure about this movie when I first started watching it because of the odd and corny beginning but as it the plot progressed it proved to be a very funny yet touching and relatable story.

The movie is about three students attending a strict engineering college where they try to follow their dreams under the pressure that their professors and parents  have put on them. They come across many challenges in which they must count on their wits to succeed.

Highly recommend this movie.