Previously, Byng had won against Magee. Unfortunately, Monday turned out to be a tough loss, over-time. In the first half the Senior Boys had a regrettable 21 turn overs while playing offence; although Byng wasn’t that far behind in the score. Darren He played a strong game, ending 32 possessions with John Yan. Some great boxouts were made on offensive rebounds. The final score was 72-80.

So what went wrong? On the court…? Not much. Just the regular offense and defense things basketball teams go through. Off the court is the problem. The bleachers remain empty with a few lingering parents. It may be mid years, but I’m sure all of us can use a break and support our school (as lame as this sounds, it really isn’t). If you go and attend a basketball game at other schools, especially for the senior teams, you’ll find a decent amount of spectators. At Byng, on the rare occasion you will maybe find a group of friends appear for a bit, and add to the couple parents watching their kids. Maybe we can change that in the next few weeks?

Statistics courtesy of Tommy Wu.