Jada Hastings #22, Post


The senior girls had their first game leading up to their title, City Champions, last Thursday, February 13th against Van Tech.  It was essential for Byng to win this game so then they could move onto the finals, Game #9 (see photo: Senior Girls Basketball Championships).
Out of all the girls’ basketball games this year, this one was significantly the most exciting.  It was extremely important to Byng and the score was unbelievably close.  By halftime the girls were loosing by a few baskets.  In the second half Byng struggled to make up the points lost.  Emily Lim (#23) helped her team out immensely by getting a majority of the rebounds.  Van Tech’s number of baskets kept climbing while our girls were trying hard to make the score gap smaller.  Slowly Byng and Van Tech were almost tied.  Megan Carprick (#17) made a very significant 3-pointer.  In the last minute everyone watching was on the edge of their seats.  The senior girls only needed one more basket to win… and we got it!



The score in the last 53 seconds of the game


The senior girls made an outstanding performance, proving that they gave their best for the entire game.  It really showed how much effort they put into the season.  On Friday, February 14th, Byng won the championship beating Windermere.

Congratulations to the City Champions, and the coaches Ms. Chong-Ping, and Mr. Martin!