After nine seasons of both laughter and heartbreak, as well as everything in between, the finale How I Met Your Mother aired on March 31st.
As someone who has watched the show since it’s first episode, to say I am going to miss the show is an understatement.
The hour long series finale spanned seventeen years of Ted’s life, from Barney and Robin’s wedding, all the way to the present day, in which Ted told the story of how he fell in love with, and lived happily ever after with their mother.
Or so we hoped.
After spending years, not to mention the entire ninth season, focusing on Barney and Robin’s wedding, we find out that they divorce within the first quarter of the episode. A slap in the face, as well as another rude gesture to the fans; courtesy of the writers.
From this point, the story only gets worse.
Following the divorce, Robin begins to drift apart from the group as her career takes off.
Barney’s character has nine seasons of character development undone to it as he falls back into his womanising ways.
Other than showing sadness for the fall of their gang, Marshall and Lily have little to no storyline in the episode, regardless of the fact that they arguably had more influence in Ted’s life than anyone else.
In one of the few appearances Robin makes to the group, she reveals that she is still in love with Ted. Cue groan from the fans.
In an effort to get a ‘perfect month’, Barney impregnates a girl. This leads to the only redeeming part of the episode, as well as one of my favourite scenes in the entire show. While in the hospital meeting his daughter, Barney cries and states that she is the love of his life. The fandom created a river of tears.
As for Ted and the mother, who we learn is named Tracy, a happily ever after ending is not in store for them.
The mother was merely a plot device all along, her only purpose to birth Ted’s kids.
But surely she got a decent farewell? No. She did not. The last we saw Tracy, she was lying in a hospital bed. No sadness from any of the cast. A minute later, the kids are talking about how Ted is in love with Robin.
That is the ending we are left with. Ted is gazing at Robin, holding the blue French horn up to her.
That, kids, is the story of how I angered millions of fans.