Lord Byng Theatre Company performed “FAME” for the second time on Friday. What an amazing show! The actors showed off their talents not just for acting, but for dancing and singing. If you haven’t bought tickets for upcoming performances (Thursday May 8 and Friday May 9), buy them now! This is a show you don’t want to miss.

“FAME” is about students attending a school for the performing arts. We follow them from audition day to the end of their school career. The musical focuses on the challenges these students face and their growth as performers.

The actors in Lord Byng’s production are very gifted. They brought life to their characters and made them realistic and dynamic. Jessica Tai, who played the role of Mrs. Lee, was absolutely hilarious. She was very committed and beautifully portrayed an Asian, helicopter mother. Even when in the background, she cracked up the audience.

Paige Wise was fantastic as Coco, the “it” girl who can do it all. She has an amazing voice and nailed her solos. Paige played Coco’s vulnerable moment very well and made the audience sympathize with her.

Michael Vela, as Leroy, also gave a great performance. He brilliantly portrayed the classic bad-boy (with a soft side) and sang beautifully. His character was extremely charismatic and funny. There was a sense of depth revealed in his character when his vulnerability was unveiled.

Another appealing aspect of this show was the music. Solos by the beautiful voices of Michiru Kawabata, Paige Wise, Michael Vela, and Melody Kang, blew the audience away. Their singing amplified the mood and touched the audience, making you feel for the character and their pain, love or happiness. The setting and the sound that enveloped the room sent tingles down my spine. It created a warm atmosphere and struck deep into the audience’s emotions. The group songs and dance were contagious and made the audience want to dance along.

There is too much talent in this production to name. It was a memorable experience to watch and enjoy. Go see it while you can!