Hello Byng! Did you check out our school’s band concert last week? If you didn’t, then continue reading – because we will be providing you with highlights of the 2014 band winter concert!

This year, the band and choir department have decided to divide their concert into two nights, as the concerts from last year were exceptionally long! The first night, or the junior night is consisted of the performances from the beginner, junior and intermediate bands, choirs and jazz bands. The second night, or the senior night, is consisted of the performances of senior band, choir or jazz students


The first band that was up on the stage was the Beginner Band. Despite having only one month of experience with their instruments, the beginner band members showcased their impressive skills that they have developed. They successfully delivered the intended feeling of the pieces to the audience and effectively started the concert with the Christmas-themed piece, Jolly Old St. Nick.

The junior band, which came after the beginner band, performed three pieces by John Edmonson. The highlight of this particular band’s performance is the last piece, which is called Jazz Jubilee, by John Edmonson. This piece wraps up the junior band’s performance with an exciting and fun conclusion.

Following the Junior Band is the Intermediate Band, which consists of people with 2 or more years of experience with their instruments.  The highlight for this energetic band occurs in their last piece, Kinmount Overture. This piece brimmed with energy, and with the promising last chord, the Intermediate Band earned themselves a big round of applause from the audience.


The senior band did an absolutely amazing job, attracting the audience’s absolute attention through all three of their songs. Personally, I like “October” by Eric Whitacre, the second piece the best. “October” is a piece with beautiful melodies that express a faint sense of sadness. (Sadness for the autumn that is about to end? Sadness for the approaching, freezing winter? I am not quite sure). In addition, beautiful, oboe solos are heard during different sections of the piece. The senior wind ensemble had done an absolutely phenomenal job! Just by hearing them, I feel proud to be member of Lord Byng Secondary.


The choirs, led by the new teacher- Ms. Ip (the substituted teacher for Ms. Lan this year) had also done an amazing job. All three choirs, the junior, the intermediate and senior choir focused on Christmas chorale pieces for this winter’s concerts. The junior choir has sung two familiar Christmas pieces: “We wish you a merry Christmas” and “Oh Christmas tree”. I was very surprised to hear the junior choir singing “Oh Christmas tree” as “O Tannenbaun” in German! The intermediate choir sung “Silent Night” in a capella (without piano accompaniment) and they have done a great job! The senior choir performed the piece: “Make a Wish for Me on Christmas”, portraying a high soprano solo. Overall, all three choirs had done an amazing job!