The Byng Arts Student Council has many exciting events planned for this year. We kick-started the year with Mustache Madness, two FAB assemblies, and our first coffee house (they were all amazing, don’t you think?). We are delighted to share some new exciting events coming up. Here are some to get excited about:


Holiday Food Drive: This year, the Byng Arts Student Council will be running a food drive. This event will be open to the whole school, not just Byng Arts. The plan isn’t finalized yet, but our Food Drive Committee has brought out some exciting ideas so far, such as having a prize draw, and competing with other schools to collect the most cans.

If you are interested in planning this holiday food drive, please feel free to attend meetings for the Food Drive Committee, held on Fridays at lunch in Mr. Hartley Folz’s room.


Movie Night: We are excited to have a movie night coming up before winter break. Like the food drive, we haven’t sorted out the details of this event yet. What we do know is that this will be open to everyone, not just Byng Arts students, in Byng. You can come enjoy a good movie with your friends, and make new friends! There will be delicious homemade treats and hot chocolate available to buy.


Gala: Like always, we will have a Gala this year. Unfortunately, this year’s is postponed even further towards the end of this school year, so be sure to cross off the Gala date written in your agenda! It is likely that the event will be held in the first week before spring break, but nothing is certain yet. The Gala venue is changed as well. The new location is the False Creek Community Centre.

This year’s theme is “Fairytales and Fantasy”. We hope that you are as excited for the Gala as much as we are. There will be lots of food to munch on, performances to enjoy, and songs to dance to. And of course, there will be lots and lots of amazing costumes!


These are the plans we have for now! If you have any ideas or suggestions for future events, please feel free to tell your class rep or attend Byng Arts Student Council meetings held in Mr. Hartley-Folz’s room at lunch on Thursdays. Everyone is welcome!