Club interviews is a regular column in the Grey Ghost Gazette featuring the clubs of Lord Byng. If you want your club interviewed, please send an email to with your name and club.


This time, we interviewed club president Vivian Yang for details on her club, Leaders of Hope.


So, what is your group about? What does it do? What is its goal?


Vivian: Leaders of Hope aims to share our members’ love of the fine arts and performing arts with others in our communities. Currently, our activities include performances and in-school projects. We’re a club of people, each interested in some aspect of the arts, and we come together to make friends and give back to society.


Do you have any performances scheduled for this month?


Vivian: Our November performance is scheduled for Friday, November 28th at the German Canadian Care Home. This year performances will be approximately monthly with additional ones when there are special events. We’re also planning to have year-round projects that are in-school, to develop our own community, such as Byng Smiles.


Tell us more about Byng Smiles.


Vivian: With Byng Smiles, we’re hoping to make our school a more caring and accepting place and to train our ability to find good qualities in other people. Through this project, members can send


How can one be involved with Leaders of Hope?


Vivian: We would love to get to know you, no matter who you are! Whether you play an instrument, do drama, dance, write, or just want to have fun, come join us on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 322 and we’ll see how we can make this club work for you! Our departments currently include music, drama and visual arts but if you’ve got some other talent you want to share with us (including vegetating in meetings – we don’t have very many of those), we would be very excited to meet you!