Indonesian officials have confirmed that flight AirAsia QZ8501, which disappeared on 28 December, 2014, had crashed into the Java Sea, and all of its 162 passengers were dead. Nearly all the passengers and the crew were Indonesians. The pilot was French. There were 17 children and one infant on board. As well, there was one passenger travelling on a UK passport.

It was reported that the flight had flown peacefully to Singapore for forty minutes when the signal of the plane was lost due to horrible weather. Roughly around thirty minutes after the takeoff, the pilot contacted the air traffic control for the permission to ascend 6000 feet to avoid big storm clouds, which was a common phenomenon in that part of the world. However, the air traffic control rejected this request due to heavy air traffic in the area and said that the plane may ascend after few more minutes. When the traffic control tried to contact the plane again, it found that it could not do so. Shortly afterwards, the plane disappeared from the radar screen. The plane was thus lost. The Indonesian weather agency said that the likeliest cause of the crash was the “bad weather”. The agency also said, “the most probable weather phenomenon was icing which could cause engine damage due to a cooling process.”

AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines were both airlines belonging to the country of Malaysia. Thus, Malaysia was said to be responsible for all three major, miserable plane crashes that happened in 2014. The crash of Air Asia QZ8501, along with Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and Malaysia Airlines MH370 resulted in the death of 699 innocent souls. The cause of the first plane tragedy remains widely debated. The second tragedy could be simply said to be a misfortune, a victim of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, as it was shot by Pro-Russian rebels using a surface-to-air missile. The third tragedy was plainly, as most would guess, a disaster caused by nature.
Poor Malaysia, its economy being crashed greatly by the series of plane accidents, could not have prevented those crashes as they were for most part, results of uncontrollable factors.