Yi Wei: Hi Ms. Ip! I am a reporter from the Grey Ghost gazette, the newspaper of the school. Our club prints out monthly issues on the school’s events. For this month’s issue, I would like to write about the junior and senior night band and choir concerts from last week… and I thought that since I’m writing about the band and choir event, it would nice if I could interview you- the brand new, choir and jazz band teacher of this school! Could I please interview you? On your general information, your impression on this school so far and your thoughts on the jazz and choir concerts from last week?


Ms. Ip: Sure!


Yi Wei: Would you please tell us what are you majored in when you were in university? Did you major in jazz, choir, orchestra?


Ms.Ip: In university, I majored in orchestral percussion performance, and that is both my bachelor and master degree. And after that, I did an education degree, so that’s why, luckily enough, I’m your teacher!


Yi Wei: Have you done any studies in choral music, particularly?


Ms. Ip: Choral music? Yes. I’ve started since I was in elementary, basically. I was the school pianist when I was in grade 4. And after that I’ve been in several choirs, mostly a capella choirs (choirs without piano accompaniment).


Yi Wei: How do you feel about your first few months teaching at Lord Byng? Do you love to teach here?


Ms. Ip: Well, it’s very great to come back here to teach, cause two years ago, I was the substituted teacher for Mr. McLennan, part time, and that was for band. And now, it’s full time, teaching all four choirs, junior and intermediate jazz and music composition. Definitely, it’s a delight to teach here as the program is just wonderful at school with students, like you guys, supportive administrators, wonderful colleagues like Mr. McLennan and Lisa (Ms. Lan) have been very helpful guiding me in the right direction under the circumstances of a very short amount of time. It was very challenging because of the three weeks taken off with the strike.


Yi Wei: We’ve heard that choir had chosen many Christmas songs for this winter’s concerts. Are you fond of Christmas songs? Which of them is your favourite?


Ms. Ip: My favourite Christmas song? Oh… It’s very hard to pick. Well, I really like “Make a wish for me on Christmas”, the one that the senior choir has sung, for this Christmas. This piece mostly in form of classical chorale, but there are many sacred text of music. And yeah, I’m also very fond of those jazzy Christmas pieces.


Yi Wei: How do you feel about the past Winter’s concerts?


Ms. Ip: I think it’s phenomenal given this short time you guys had to work really hard, memorizing all the lyrics. It’s a much bigger choir (senior choir) with a total of 43, 44 students. Definitely, it’s great to work with so big a group that came from various grades. Well, that makes it a bit more challenging.


Yi Wei: Last question- is there anything in particular that you would like to work with the choirs?


Ms. Ip: From hearing our recording… I think it’s pronunciation. It’s how we actually put the stress on each word, each syllable, and how to say it clearly. With students of different ethnic backgrounds, and the different accents they have…I can hear it! Oh yes! All different accents! So yeah, we need to work more on pronunciation, the vowels and all that. But for pitch, the most important thing for a chorale ensemble, our choir is actually pretty good.


Yi Wei: Thank you so much Ms. Ip, for letting me to interview you! I’m really glad that you find Lord Byng a wonderful place! I’m especially happy that you find most students (like me ^_^) are nice and kind. Thank you so much! And right, WELCOME TO LORD BYNG! I hope that you’ll always find the school as a wonderful place!