Dec. 22- Jan. 19

This month you may feel a bit overwhelmed with friends, emotions, extracurricular activities and school. Try taking a few deep breaths and get organized. Plan your time wisely and don’t forget to get enough sleep. If you’re ever feeling to stressed talk to your best friend, the counsellor or your parents. On the lighter side this is the month you’ll make a huge achievement. It may be an academic goal, a sports goal… anything!



January 20- February 19

This is your month! Happy early/belated birthday. Since this is your birthday month you may feel like procrastinating a bit. Make sure to get things done and then relax. You’ll feel so much better relaxing without the weight of homework on your back. This month you will also get great ideas and find inspiration that’ll lead you to happiness. So make sure you are looking for that inspiration, it could be anywhere.



February 20- March 20

An authority figure in your life (maybe a teacher, mentor, parent) will disagree with you this month. Try not to get too mad about it and just view the problem in their view. Remember, forgive and forget. Once you forgive you’ll feel much better after a few. This month an idea will hit you like a brick. It may only change your life a little, but you’ll feel much happier and lighter.



March 21- April 19

You may have a lot of emotions and thoughts running through your head this month. Whether their random snippets or great ideas, you can’t make them out. Try keeping a small notebook (or use your phone) with you and every time any thought pops into your head take out your notebook (or phone) and jot it down. At the end of the day or week read through it and you’ll get tons of ideas.



April 20- May 20

You have two sides, a dark side and a light side. This month your dark side may show a little more. Make sure to keep these two sides balanced or you’ll come off as mean and upset to your friends and peers. Be aware of what you say and the affects it could give. This month you may also have a goal you want to reach. Write down steps you could take to get to this goal, stay on track and you’ll reach your goal in no time.



May 20-June 20

You’ll be pretty curious this month. Not in a “my friend is talking behind my back” kind of way, you’re just curious. There’s nothing wrong with that but make sure to keep your nose out of places it doesn’t belong. If you go too far you may end up in a situation you don’t want to be in. While you’re looking around make sure you’re still focused on school and your friends.



June 21-July 22

Today and tomorrow, you need a break. A break from the spotlight you are constantly in every day. Relax. Enjoy life and what its beauties has to offer you. Take a long walk to clear your mind and know for a fact that some things cannot always be your way. You are smart and that sometimes throws you off because you think you are the best. Make room for other people in the back to shine because even your closest friends will betray you for leaving them in the dark.



July 23-August 22

Know your surroundings a little bit better. Be aware of everything around you. Make sure everything is in place because if not, you will find yourself at times trying to piece back that broken dream you have so carefully crafted. Save yourself the aggravation and wait for time to do its job. Be patient and know who you are what you’re up against.




 August 23-September 22

Your success is straight ahead of you. Tune out all distractions as they will miraculously turn into large boulders that will impede you from your journey to success. Gather information from all sources and pay attention to the wise words around you. Follow your guts on what is right and wrong. Be careful not to veer off onto another path and perhaps lowering your chances to achieve your goal.



September 23-October 22

People need your help. With your intuition and knowledge, people will come to you for help when they need it. Do not let this make you think that you are better than everybody else. Help others for the sake of helping and do not expect a reward. Good things will happen once you find yourself useful to the world. You will gain confidence and experiences that will help you to be a better person.



October 24 – November 22

The next few days will be crucial for you on letting your voice be heard. Pop that bubble you have been in all your life and be your true self. Be confident in yourself because you lack it sometimes.  Don’t let anyone tell you who you are and what to be. Looks aren’t everything you know. It’s what’s inside that matters.



November 22-December 21

For a few days, your life will revolve around one person. You

will need to find the true meaning of your relationship or connection with that person to strengthen it. Right now, the more you ignore that one person, the further he/she/they will go. Whether it be a family member, friend, or crush, that’s for you to decide.