Happy New Year to Lord Byng! It only seemed right to start our first issue of 2015 with a little welcome. So here we are- 2015. Although we are pretty well into January, let’s just take a moment to reminisce, back to New Year’s Eve. Here’s a glimpse into some of the MANY funky New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world (if these traditions happen to inspire crazy ideas in you for the next New Year, I hold no responsibility. Try at your own risk!)


South Africa: In the city of Johannesburg, it is not unlikely that if you spot a table or armchair flying through windows on New Year’s! It is said, however, that as a result of an increasing number of injuries, the police has raised rents to discourage this unique tradition.


Guatamala: At precisely 12 am on New Year’s Day, people take twelve pennies and throw the coins behind them while facing the opposite of the street. Each of the coins represent a month of the year.


Turkey: Put some red underwear on for good luck!


Puerto Rico: Away with evil spirits! The very instant the clock strikes 12 am, pots, pans, and cups are filled with water and the water is thrown out the front door to keep away bad spirits. An alternative to this tradition is falling back into the ocean waves when midnight arrives. Send these foul demons ABYSS!


Ireland: Originally, the Gaelic tradition is to hit the walls of a house with loaves of bread to ward off evil spirits and welcome in the good ones.


Spain: Simple. Every time the clock bell strikes 12, eat a grape.


Columbia: Pack your bags! JUST your bags. Columbians take empty suitcases and walk around the block for a year full of travel.


Greece: A gold coin is hidden inside a St. Basil’s cake (a type of New Year’s day bread/cake). One lucky person will find this gold coin in their cake, a sign of good luck for the year!


Australia: POTS AND PANS! Pots and Pans are used to make some noise outside at midnight!


It is simply wonderful how creative we are J Have a great 2015 Byng!