We were all sons of the world.

We were born in the world,

And someday, we would die in the world.

The world created us, and in return, we should pay back to the world.


But how should we contribute to this world?

Simple, was it not?

It was simply to seek success ourselves, and our world would prosper with our success.


But when we each went through our separate paths, seeking for success, we came into conflicts with one another.

We competed to see whose path was the best, who was the most successful and who was destined to make the world thrive.


But gradually, we were all lost in our separate paths.

We lost and forgot our same, ultimate goal.

We were befuddled in the midst of desire, greed that was generating competition.

To make ourselves more successful, we sought help from the world, claiming that each of us had right to govern our part of the World.

We claimed the world’s resources, and explored them and exploited them

Till there was none left.

And after all, we realized, our goal: to contribute to the world.


We looked around, resources depleted out of this world.

Filthy rivers,

Wilting trees,

Deserted land.

We cried, realized, and shook hands with each other

Let us stop this fight, we said together.

And find a way to rebuild this world

We nodded together…

Was it all too late?

We did not know,

But at least, once again, we had come together, to our mother world.

And the world looked at her sons,

She smiled.