I pray to you, spirits of the forests,

Let light cast upon me,

Let warmth fill my heart,

Let the essence of the forests reveal itself to me.


I loved the forests.

I loved the touch of moist soil under my shoes when rain visited the forests.

I loved the rustling of leaves and twittering of forest birds that echoed in my ears in the mornings.

I loved the smell of the forests, a mixture of nature’s soil, warmth of sun and streaming of rivers, fresh, lively, and pleasant.

I loved the forests’ sky, a shade of green from leaves, a shade of blue from the heavens and a shade of gold from the Sun that glistened the whole forest’s sky.

I loved the wonders the forests brought to me, little, simple surprises that enchanted me; whether was it the sprouting of another little wild flower or was it the discovery of another edible berry in the woods.

Sometimes, I came to the forests, discouraged and melancholy.

But as I saw sprouts turning into leaves and leaves sprouting from trees, I felt life was full of growth and hope.

The jingling and the giggling to forest’s rivers rendered me to smile.

The hopping and racing of furry squirrels, swinging their fluffy tails, filled my heart with affection.

I laid down on the forest’s land, the smell of the forests rushed into my nostrils.

I was in the heaven on Earth.

I felt safe, protected in the arms of spirits of forests.


There must have been spirits in the forests, tranquility guarding their worshippers.

The spirits cast light upon their worshippers.

The spirits fill their worshippers’ hearts with warmth,

And only the worshippers of the spirits of forests could see and feel the essence of forest’s trees, animals, light, and sky.


I adored the forests.

I revered the forests.

I worshipped the spirits of the forests.