Byng Arts Gala 2015

Written by Rosalyn Thom

On March 25, all Byng Arts students gathered at the Roundhouse community centre for the annual Byng Arts gala.  This year’s gala was fantasy-themed, and (most) students eagerly dressed up in imaginative costumes.  The evening featured a costume contest, live performances, and of course, delicious food!

Walking into the Roundhouse, you could see the industrious efforts of the student council’s gala decorations committee. Gigantic fairy-tale themed paintings surrounded the tables, while table-centre pieces depicted a diverse range of fantasies from Harry Potter to Spirited Away.  An imaginative photo booth was also set up near the performance stage.

In keeping with the gala’s culinary traditions, each seat had a bottle of Jone’s soda placed beside it.  While being entertained by the performers, people enjoyed an appetizer of veggies and munchies.  After the performances were finished, the main course arrived.  The main course consisted of meat and vegetable pizzas, with vegetarian and gluten-free options available. New this year was the delectable dessert of hand-baked cake pops.  Accompanied by plates of one-bite brownies and assorted fruits, this year’s desserts were certainly not-to-be missed.

Following the meal, a costume contest was held.  This year’s contest was divided into several categories, including the best group costume, the best inanimate object, and the best overall costume.  There were so many fantastic costumes, the teacher judges had a hard time deciding the winners through the stiff competition.  Prizes for the winners included gift cards to various stores such as Chapters.

Finally, the evening culminated in a dance.  Although some people left early, there were still many left for the dance.  Overall, this year’s gala was a blast.  If you missed this year’s gala, be sure to come out next year for it!