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April Horoscopes

April Horoscopes

By: Jasmine Tsan and Yi Wei (Ashley)

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 29)

This month will be a rather difficult experience for you, Capricorn. Proceed slowly and keep steady when you take action on things, so that you will not be thrown off track. With patience, you will find success this month.

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 18)

Aquarius, you may be excited by numerous events this month, but please take caution whenever you make a decision. Remember that not all things that excite you will satisfy your future. Think before you act.

Pisces (Feb. 19- Mar. 20)

Watch out for  the doors that will open up this month! While you are paying attention to the new opportunities, however, you may be worn out. Schedule everything carefully in advance and make sure you are ready for unexpected events.

Aries (Mar. 21- Apr. 19)

Enjoy this month to its fullest, for there is nothing but joyful things for you to experience. Do not overwork yourself though, or you will find yourself in a no-win situation instead. Occupy yourself with what you like to do.

Taurus (Apr. 20- May 20)

Take everything slowly as you will find this month to be confusing. Try to think of new ideas, as old ideas will be useless to you. Seek help from others when you cannot find an answer yourself.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

Expect barriers in studies and social life to arise. Relieve stress by doing things you like, such as listening to music, eating food, or spending time with friends. Take on everything with a cheerful mood to prevent another barrier from standing in your way.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

A difference in opinion on trivial matters may lead to a full-blown war. Be careful of the power of words and the results they may lead to. Take it calmly and slowly while checking your impulses. If such war is waged upon you, do not take it too seriously.

Leo (July 23- Aug. 22)

You’re a hard worker, Leo, with an intelligent mind and reasonable sense. The past few weeks might have you thinking about short cuts for more efficient studying. Great marks and praises of all kinds should come to you during this auspicious month!

Virgo (Aug. 23- Sept. 22)

April is the month for you to get over your OCD-ness. IF you stick with one subject matter for too long, you may not be able to proceed in your other fields of study. Take it easy and take deep breaths.

Libra (Sept. 23- Oct. 22)

Some strange phone calls might come your way, perhaps from people you do not know. Do not let them bother you too much. Smile to yourself in the mirror and be confident. Families and friends might be places to seek help from.

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 21)

Bravo Scorpio! Due to your efforts this last month, you should be able to expect great results and rewards this month! Make yourself a cup of tea and rest as much as you wish.

Sagittarius (Nov.22- Dec. 21)

The near future looks great for you, with auspicious omens for success in studying. Advancement is on the horizon, as well as increased fame and happiness. All signs show that you are not to stop here! Keep up your hard work!


Attacks on Kenyan University

Attacks on Kenyan University

Written by: Helen Huang

On Thursday April 2nd, Somali militants burst into Garissa University College in Nairobi, Kenya. Nearly 150 students were killed. According to the witnesses, the heavily armed attackers hit the school around 5:30 in the morning. They eliminated the two security guards before invading the dormitory where most students and staff members live. Students describe being awakened by the sound of gunshot and being asked whether they are Christian or Muslim. The Christian believers were shot at sight. Among the 500 students who tempted to escape, seventy-nine were injured and nine critically injured students had to be airlifted to the capital Nairobi for treatments.

After a while, the gun shots were more focused in the lower area. Shootings then broke out between the military enforcement and the terrorists. By the time the Kenyan commandos had the attackers under control (four were shot and one arrested),147 people were already killed by the intruders. Right after the attack, the Somali terrorist group admitted being responsible for the incidence lead by Mohamed Kuno, a high-ranking al-Shabab.

Al-Shabab claimed that it attacked the university because it was at war with Kenya. It also believed that the university was passing out Christianity religion in class and ruining Muslim culture. In the past, Shabab has killed hundreds of Kenyans—on the country bus, in churches or in malls.

President Uhuru Kenyatta declared the need of recruit and gathered around 10 000 people. He vowed to crack down the terrorists who have been corrupting his city. The US and the European Union have the intention of helping out the event. President Obama will visit Kenya himself in June for further discussion about the incidence.

Inspiration for the Gazette Journalists

In need of some inspiration for your next article? In need of something to bust that annoying writers’ block? Here are some resources that you may find helpful!

How to spend Valentines Day with Yourself (but not really): A Guide to Flowers- an Anonymous Loner

Whether you have spent Valentine’s day with your significant other, friends, your dog, or yourself, you have probably been swept up in the annual storm of pink and red. For the lucky few who have received presents – chocolates, roses, jewelry etc. – and laid down on the couch to watch Love Actually (or is that a Christmas movie? Who cares, it’s romance!), I can say you have a very happy life indeed.


But enough about you. Time to talk about me (I know how much you love that)! How did I spend my special day? By working in a flower shop. If working in a flower shop sounds romantic to you then you clearly have never worked in one. Imagine being surrounded, suffocated, by hundreds, and thousands of roses, and salal and pink crepe paper. You grab a rose by the head like a samurai unsheathing his katana, jab it into a halo of salal, stuff it with filler and try to shimmy that monstrosity into a cellophane triangle. Easy, right? Now make two hundred more.


If the above paragraph has bored you sufficiently, let’s cut to the chase.


A guide to flowers (by a novice florist)

If you are ordering custom flowers, order a week or two before Valentine’s. You can also attempt to make your own. Picking up a pre-made one is probably the best.


Flowers: Tulips, gerberas, and ranunculus are popular, but roses are, of course, king. The regular varieties are rather cliché. Fluffy garden roses are harder to find but more unique. Callas, lilies, and carnations can also be found.


Filler: Please, no baby’s breaths. There is a huge variety of filler plants, ranging from tiny to enormous. Waxflowers, berries, freesias, and hydrangeas are a few. Please mind that the size of fillers depend on the size of your bouquet. You cannot add a huge hydrangea to a three-rose bouquet.


Foliage: Eucalyptus is fragrant and chalky. Salal is stiff and supports the bouquet’s shape. Ferns are, well, ferns. Beargrass is long, elegant, and razor-sharp.


Wrapping: Clear cellophane is the standard, but you can add tissue paper. Some prefer to wrap bouquets in brown kraft paper. Some don’t wrap their flowers at all.


Type of bouquet: Posy bouquets are round in shape and very neat. They are usually wrapped tightly with ribbon for weddings. Others are much looser and organic in shape. You can also give your significant other a corsage or boutonniere, which are much smaller floral arrangements.


Nah: If bouquets confuse you, buy potted plants! They are less flashy, but they will last longer and generate less waste. Also, flower shops often do not raise the price of potted plants like they do with cut flowers.

The Future of Cars- Yun Jae Min

For the past hundreds of years, new innovations have created cleaner, safer, and more affordable vehicles. The automotive industry is now slowly changing with the emergence of the autonomous car –one that can drive itself. Google first revealed in 2010, that it had been working on self-driving cars, and now, more companies endeavor to do the same. With its Google Self-Driving Car project, Google hopes to have fully autonomous vehicles on the road, and sold by major car manufacturers by the year 2020.

The autonomous vehicle technology offers several benefits. According to the Conference Board of Canada, there are 2,000 vehicle fatalities every year in the country, which many have been caused by human error. With self-driving cars, these errors can be eliminated and collisions could be reduced by more than 90%, saving $37.4 billion. Automated vehicles could also the eliminate time wasted (around five billion hours per year) that Canadians spend driving, which is worth about $20 billion. Congestion costs can also be reduced by $5 billion a year, by creating a more efficient traffic flow and decreased congestion. Increased fuel efficiency can save $2.6 billion in fuel costs. In total, autonomous cars could save Canadians a whopping $65 billion a year.

With benefits come possible drawbacks. For example, the technology would decrease the cost of driving and encourage more people to drive. As a result, congestion might increase, rather than decrease. Additionally, jobs and economies based on public transit, crash repair, and automobile insurance might suffer as the technology makes certain occupations obsolete.

Over the next few years, we can expect cars to slowly gain more autonomous features. Adaptive cruise control, land keeping alerts, and assisted parking will all morph into a fully autonomous driving experience. All of these advances — plus many others — will accumulate over time. Then finally, we will probably see highways and cities where hand-steered cars will be replaced by the more efficient, self-driving cars.



A Chat with Ms. Webber- Nancy Wu and Yi Wei (Ashley)


For those of you who don’t take art, you probably know Ms. Webber as “the fancy art teacher with unique clothing, who teaches in the art room on the second floor”. You know who she is, but do you really know her?


To be honest, she seems scary at first. During the Byng Arts Audition, many of us were haunted by the idea of having a strict teacher like her for art. But with a few classes, we realized that she is more of a caring, and kind mentor. She respects all the different painting styles of her students, and she responds eagerly to students who seek her guidance. It’s difficult to accept the fact that such a thoughtful and passionate art teacher will be leaving us soon. Ms. Webber will be retiring at the end of this school year ☹

So we’ve decided to interview Ms. Webber about her life as an artist and her experience at Byng. And hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to say more about her than just –“the art teacher”.


Q: How long have you been teaching at Byng?


A: I’ve taught for a long, long time! This year’s already my twelfth year at Byng! I’ve taught photography, ESL literature, Byng Arts, and also regular visual art. I used to be a librarian too, I like to read.


Q: What are you planning to do after you retire?


A: Well, of course, keep painting! I would also love to travel, to sit at home, to read, and look after my garden!


Q: It’s obvious that you specialize in acrylic painting, what is your favorite scene to paint?


A: I paint whatever scenery that’s in front of me. I paint wherever I go. I use painting to record down my thoughts and what I’ve seen as if they were post cards while I’m travelling. My favorite scenery, I guess it’s when the sun comes up or goes down, early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The color of sky is quite interesting to look at during those times of the day.


Q: Who are your favorite artists, one’s that inspired you throughout your art career?


A: I like Van Gogh, Emily Carr, and Bobbie Burgers.


Q: Was there someone who supported you as an artist?


A: No. My parents didn’t want me to be an artist, they wanted me to have a more stable job. So now I’m a teacher, an art teacher.


Q: Where do you get your inspiration from for fashion?


A: Fabric stores. I find color and patterns that I like, then I find clothes in that color that suit me. I love the color- blue the best.


Q: Do you have anything to say your students?


A: My students are all very talented, gifted people. They all work really hard. And I wish them the best, in whatever area they aim for. I expect to see their names in the newspaper! I know that some of them will be artists, architects, photographers, lawyers, or doctors. They have the courage to try so many thing, and that is what’s most important, in my opinion.


Q: Do you like Byng as a school?


A: The building, I’m not that fond of, but the people inside I really like … My students are very caring, my colleague are really nice, and the school is one of my favorites!


Q: Do you have something to say to Byng?


A: It’s time for me to retire! It’s time for a new, young teacher to come in and have some new ideas! I’d like the new teacher to have lots of energy, and simply someone who loves the students, cares about the students, and tries his or her best to make the students the best of them!


Thanks Ms. Webber! You are awesome!

February Horoscopes- Rose Wu and Jasmine Xiong

Sagittarius: 23 November – 21 December

This month, you will be expanding your knowledge. Whether it be for school, work, or for your own enjoyment, this month you should keep your mind open to new ideas. The things you learn during this time may be useful in the future.

Capricorn: 22 December – 20 January

This is the time to clear your mind of complex thoughts and simply observe. This month, focus on the minute details that are often overlooked during your busy day to day schedule. By doing this, you will be able to find the answer to some of your questions.

Aquarius: 21 January – 19 February

A fulfilling month is ahead of you. You may accomplish a long term goal (losing weight, getting good grades), or some small achievements (cooking your first meal, or beating your trail run time). However, no matter how big your accomplishments, it is important not to overlook your mistakes and to learn from them.

Pisces: 20 February – 20 March

This month, you will be reunited with someone you miss. An old friend, family member, or lover? Whoever it is, it is crucial that you keep your ears and heart open to absorb what they say.

Aries: 21 March – 20 April

This month, your mind will overflow with creative and unique ideas. It will be a good idea to carry a notebook around to keep track of your thoughts. Who knows, you might create something legendary.

Taurus: 21 April – 20 May

An exciting new opportunity is coming your way. Keep informed about any special events happening in your community this month.

Gemini: May 11 – June 20

This month, you will find meaning in seemingly insignificant events. Keep a close eye on events that occur around you, no matter how small they are. However, don’t deliberately look for said meanings, as doing so may hinder you from bigger but equally important matters.

Cancer : June 21- July 22

You have a busy month ahead of you. You may feel stressed or overwhelmed at times, but taking your mind off of things by relaxing with your family and friends can help create the balance and peace that you need in your life. Try taking calming walks in the woods or by the seashore.


Leo : July 23- August 22

You may have some ambiguous thoughts this month, so it is important to keep in mind that you should follow your instincts but to not let your heart overpower your mind. You may need to focus on making some important decisions, but in the end the right choice will be very rewarding.

Virgo : August 23 – September 22

This month, your power rests in your ability to help others. Try to help others in big as well as small matters, and they will return your favours very soon.

Libra : September 23 – October 22

This month, you may feel misunderstood at times, by the ones close to you. You can help this matter by being careful with your words, and to express your most sincere thoughts. Exercise caution with what you say, but make sure you state your mind when you need to. People will soon see what you mean, and will appreciate your efforts.

Scorpio : October 23 – November 21

This month, you may be your worst critic. You may feel disappointed with your work, but this is simply driven by your desire to perfect everything you present. Keep in mind that you cannot please everyone, and that it is important to take a step back and be satisfied with what you will achieve.


Chinese New Year in Canada- Helen Huang

feb2015-comic (2)Did you know that February 19, 2015 was  the start of Lunar New Year? That’s right! In Chinese culture, they see Chinese New Year as the official first day of the New Year. Normally, parades and festival dancing are commonly seen on streets. Fireworks, firecracker displays, Chinese costumes, and food stalls are all symbols of Chinese New Year.


Things to do for Chinese New Year:

The day before Chinese New Year, people who celebrate Chinese New Year clean up their houses in order to get rid of the ill-fortune and prepare for family reunions and delicious dinners. On the next day, windows and doors are decorated with red coloured Chinese paper-cutting or couplets because it is believed the color red represents good fortune. Relatives often visit each other despite having to travel long distances. While visiting others, red paper envelopes are given to children by their relatives and gifts are exchanged between adults as ways of blessing each other. The gifts are usually fruits, cookies, home baked food, and candies. There are things, however that cannot be shared in representation of bad luck, such as pears, clocks, green hats, umbrellas and sharp objects. Additionally, fireworks are almost inevitable. Although there is high restriction on the use of fireworks; they can still be heard throughout the town during Chinese New Year. Other traditions may exist according to the city or the town. Lanterns, red posters, fortune gods, dragon dances and lion dances are examples of activities found in certain cities and village.


Events found in Vancouver:

There are multiple events held in Vancouver throughout Chinese New Year! On February 18th, there was a huge performance in Aberdeen Center, Richmond. The catchy performance attracted tons of viewers standing not only around the stage, but also looking down from the second to third floor for just a glimpse of the exciting performance. Other events include the Vancouver Chinese Parade in Chinatown and Chinese New Year at International Village.

IMG_3352 (2)


The date of Chinese New Year:

Due to the difference between the lunar calendar and solar calendar, the date of Chinese New Year changes each year. The actually date is calculated through 12 years of different animals and five elements of Chinese astrology. The calculation involves the rotation of yin and yan and is too complicated for most of us to understand. The event usually occurs between January 21st to February 20th. This year’s New Year was on February 19th. It is now  the Year of the Goat, which means anyone born in 2003, 1991 or 1979 would have their animal year!


Find your own animal year (birth year)!!!

1997 —-Ox

1998 —-Tiger

1999 —-Rabbit

2000 —-Dragon

2001 —-Snake

* if you are  born in January or February, you may have a different animal than listed above


Book Review: I’ll Give you the Sun- Jenna Quon

Title Info: I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson


Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction


What It Reminds Me Of: It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini


Summary:  Noah and his twin sister Jude are wonderfully close. At thirteen, Noah often draws in his head and is falling in love with the boy next door. At thirteen, Jude wears deep red lipstick and cliff dives. But three years later the twins are barely speaking to each other. Something has wrecked the twins’ friendship in diverse and emotional ways. Till Jude meets a cocky, subdued, gorgeous boy as well as someone else who flips her world around in a different way she thought he would. The older years are Jude’s story to tell, while the younger years are Noah’s. Noah and Jude don’t realize if they could remake their friendship, they could remake their world.



               I am absolutely in love with this book. The characters are so intense, lovable and balanced.  I love Jude and Noah both as characters for their story is amazing. I would recommend this book honestly to anyone. It moved my heart and I couldn’t help but fall in love with this book.

I absolutely loved Noah and Jude. Both of these characters are super easy to love, yet sometimes you can’t help but hate them (in a good way). Their thoughts and actions made this book incredibly fun and intense to read. I also felt like it’s easy to connect to Noah and Jude, for they go through many struggles through this book.

This book definitely played with my emotions. Some chapters I wanted to throw the book out the window, while others I wanted to marry it. It captured my interests from the start to end and I couldn’t put it down. At first it seems the book will be pretty predictable but I tell you it is anything but. The plot twists and ending left me with my mouth open for hours. It’s well paced and left me wanting more. The ending was my favourite part of this book. It tied all the loose ends together and was happy, but still sad.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was unique, easy to understand and took me on an emotional rollercoaster. I would recommend this to anyone looking for their hearts to be moved. Definitely a great read.

Rating: 9.1/10


Club Interviews: Grey Ghost Gazette- Sarah Whang

I pray to you, spirits of the forests,

Let light cast upon me,

Let warmth fill my heart,

Let the essence of the forests reveal itself to me.


I loved the forests.

I loved the touch of moist soil under my shoes when rain visited the forests.

I loved the rustling of leaves and twittering of forest birds that echoed in my ears in the mornings.

I loved the smell of the forests, a mixture of nature’s soil, warmth of sun and streaming of rivers, fresh, lively, and pleasant.

I loved the forests’ sky, a shade of green from leaves, a shade of blue from the heavens and a shade of gold from the Sun that glistened the whole forest’s sky.

I loved the wonders the forests brought to me, little, simple surprises that enchanted me; whether was it the sprouting of another little wild flower or was it the discovery of another edible berry in the woods.

Sometimes, I came to the forests, discouraged and melancholy.

But as I saw sprouts turning into leaves and leaves sprouting from trees, I felt life was full of growth and hope.

The jingling and the giggling to forest’s rivers rendered me to smile.

The hopping and racing of furry squirrels, swinging their fluffy tails, filled my heart with affection.

I laid down on the forest’s land, the smell of the forests rushed into my nostrils.

I was in the heaven on Earth.

I felt safe, protected in the arms of spirits of forests.


There must have been spirits in the forests, tranquility guarding their worshippers.

The spirits cast light upon their worshippers.

The spirits fill their worshippers’ hearts with warmth,

And only the worshippers of the spirits of forests could see and feel the essence of forest’s trees, animals, light, and sky.


I adored the forests.

I revered the forests.

I worshipped the spirits of the forests.