Animal Kingdom Gala 2013 by: Anonymous

What a blast! On November 27, Byng Arts students unleashed their inner beast and had a wild Wednesday night at the Scottish Cultural Centre. There were amazing costumes, excellent performances and awesome food. The decorations were superb! It was a fantastic evening for all.
After months of working hard after school, student council’s decoration crew managed to pull off a beautiful atmosphere for the gala. The main entrance into the large room was adorned with stylish mermaid paintings and a very realistic fake waterfall. The main large room was split into four biomes: arctic, sea, desert and jungle. Every section had a beautifully done mural or photo booth. There were matching biome balloons  to go with  each section. On the tables there were metal sculptures or animal masks done by our talented Honours Art students. To top off the decorations, in the centre of the room there were gorgeous birds and butterflies in the centerpiece with blue streamers trailing off to the sides off the room. Well done, decoration committee!
After everyone was seated, the evening was started off with 30 minutes of entertainment by performers such as Shevonne Cheung, Melody Kang, Irene Lin, Michael Wilkinson, and more. There were duets, solos, original compositions, and jokes. The show was hosted by a pair of dust mice.  Although there was some talking in the audience at times (rude!), it was clear that everyone enjoyed the performances from our wonderful entertainers. Hopefully next year the room will be more hushed during the fantastic presentations!
During the performances, ravenous gala-goers were provided with boom chika popcorn and goldfish to munch on (in comparison to last year’s  assorted chip bowl) as well as veggie platters for the hungry herbivores. Jones soda was available for  those who needed thirst quenching, so those animals wouldn’t have to prowl. As the entertainment began to end, the teachers served the dinner of cheese and ham & pineapple pizza – two  per person – from Fresh Slice. Vanilla cake, decorated with icing roses, was cut for dessert. As no forks or other utensils were provided, gala-goers showed off their animal spirit and improvised with hands, napkins, and mouths, as well as with the gummy animals that came with the cake. Messy, but still delicious!
After the meal, a costume contest was held to determine the wildest of the wild. Three categories were available for contestants  to enter:  Best Homemade Costume, Best Group Costume, and Best Random Costume. The audience voted by cheering, clapping, and stomping as loud as they could for the costumes they supported. Best homemade was won by Perry the Platypus. Best group was won by a two-person camel. Best random was won by National Geographic magazine with a styling penguin cover. Each were given Jones Soda merchandise – such as jackets, t-shirts, and hats – as prizes. Congratulations to all the winners!
After the contest, gala-goers helped to roll away the table and stack away the chairs to clear up the floor for the dance. The songs played included Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Ylvis, and etc. The photo booth murals were available at this time, as well the outside entrance room for those who sought a hearty game of chess. The dance room was extremely warm and many went to get some cool air from the open back door. Unfortunately, sometime after the tables were put away, during the dance, one of the metal animal tabletop centerpieces were discovered and stuffed in one of the bathroom toilets. Despite this regretful incident, the rest of the evening was terrific.
This year’s Byng Arts Gala was undoubtedly a ROARING (pun absolutely intended) night of fun for all. The animal kingdom atmosphere was clearly present,  due to all  the efforts of the Byng Arts Student Council, the performers, the honours art students, the parent and teacher volunteers, and the splendidly costumed  guests. What a wild night!