Ms. Hughes’s Lord Byng Secondary School Teaching Blog!

Welcome to Ms. Hughes’s School Blog. 

Welcome and enjoy! This blog is here to help each of you, as you learn from each other in the classroom and on the web.

A bit about me, Ms. Hughes. The 2018-2019 school year is my 31st year as a teacher; I have spent the last 29 of these here, at Lord Byng Secondary School. In addition to teaching English, I am a Theatre teacher and teach, direct, and produce for our Theatre Company class, with Matt Thiessen; I was a drama and English teacher when I first came to Lord Byng and I am delighted to be able to go back to the Theatre Department, now that my son is grown. This year I am changing things up a bit, and have a block in the Skills Room working with the wonderful Mr. Kosman, and a block as one of the school’s District Resource Teachers (DRT) who will be supporting Byng Staff in Curriculum & Assessment Support for the New Curriculum, Grades 8-12

My Educational Background includes a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, a Bachelor of Education in English Education, Secondary, and a Masters of Education in Language and Literacy Education with a focus on Multiple Literacies.

I am in my 13th year as Byng’s English Department Head; I teach in both the main school and the Byng Arts Mini School. I love working at Lord Byng.

If you are one of my students, I consider it a privilege to work with you and help you along your journey as a learner.

All the best,

Ms. Hughes