For online reference: BAEN8 & EN11E Course Outlines, Rubrics, Plagiarism Form, and Book Card Grading HERE copies of these forms for reference purposes; downloading the forms is costly unless you want to pay for Scribd or login with your Facebook account. I suggest you do neither, but instead obtain needed copies of these documents from me, Ms. Hughes. The exception: it is easy to download the How to Set up Your Book card and How it Will be Marked.

How to set up your book card AND how it will be graded.

Plagiarism Form:   This will be handed out in class; it must be returned to Ms. Hughes with the student’s full, printed name AND signature as well as parent’s full printed name AND signature. Please adhere to due date provided by teacher. Again, this information will be provided in class.

2018-2019 Course Outlines:

Byng Arts Engish 8

Fixed358301291 BAEN8 2017 New Course Outline Byng Arts English 8 by A Hughes on Scribd

BYNG ARTS English 8 (MIEN8)- To view BC’s New Curriculum, go to the following url:

Byng Arts English 8 course outline & EN11 Enriched  course outline will also be handed out in class.  It needs to be signed by both the student and his/her parent.

English 11 Enriched Course Outline

Fixed for 2018_English 11E Course Outline 2017 by A Hughes on Scribd