No Fear Shakespeare :o) A useful site from sparknotes! Read the original text WITH a companion modern English text! Character info, themes, etc. also available. Check it out! All of Shakespeare’s plays on the same site. Click HERE.

How to CITE from Shakespeare. A great and clear resource from The Presbyterian College English Department. Click HERE.

CLICK HERE for Freytag Tragedy Pyramid.

This is a site full of Shakespeare resources and First Folio compilation; definitely worth checking out. Click HERE.

Click HERE for Shakespeare on Fate from a good Shakespeare site!

Click HERE for a great link about The Elizabethan World and its beliefs.


For a written summary of key some of the key points found in A&E’s “Biography of William Shakespeare” CLICK HERE.


While the video is no longer available on Youtube (due to copyright issues), you can BUY a copy of A&E’s Biography of William Shakespeare from the iTunes store as an AUDIO BOOK. It costs .95 cents. What a deal! You can keep it on your iPod and play it on the bus or when studying and re-working notes.

Click HERE for access to a very nicely set up site containing Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Click HERE for The Plays of William Shakespeare. The ADVANTAGE to this site: it comes with a nice glossary.

Romeo and Juliet Block 1.2
Click HERE for the Schmoop Link on the theme of Fate and Free Will in the play.

English 8 Romeo and Juliet Themes resource from Shakespeare Online. Click HERE.

Shakespeare on FATE. From Shakespeare Online. Click HERE.

An excellent Shakespeare resource site. Click Here.

Grade 11s & 12s in particular, click here to get to a useful Shakespeare site with some interesting and direction-pointing articles and questions re: your study and analysis of Shakespeare’s plays this year.