2017 -2018 Term Assignments for WR12: Term 1 (T1), Term 2 (T2), and Term 3 (T3)

Here is a list of what is due and when for Term 1.

1. Hand-made Journals must be finished: sewn, glued, cover put on AND 4 pictures of journal (front, back, opened up but back view), by last WR12 class of September, 2017

2. “Where the World Began Assignment” (Minimum 1 typed page and no more than the equivalent of 2 pages typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman space and a half). Due on Thursday, October 19th, 2017

3. Post Card Creative Non-Fiction Assignment Due: TBA
4. View Finder Assignment: Due TBA

5. “Humument” model poem of 10 words (min) ByTBA

6. Entire Blog must be up to date (see Blog requirements below) by TBA

7. Journal Submission — Checked/Due on Monday November 14th, 2016 and marked with 100% = to 50 pages + 50 entries.

Ms. Hughes’ Term 1 Cut off is TBA

Organize your Term Blog/Portfolio so it is VERY clear what each posting is; each post needs to be titled.

What must be on your TERM 1 Blog By December 8th, 2017

1. Where the World Began Modeling Assignment (include image to accompany if you want)
2. Post Card Assignment.
3. View Finder Assignment: 3 views of same thing; 50 word description of each view (total 150 words = 3 x 50)
4. “Humament” model poem of 10 words (min) — photos of finished work AND re-type of finished work beside or below photo.’
5. Three (3) of your favourite Journal Entries from Term 1 Journal.
6. 4 Photos of your Journal: Outside shut -front and back-; outside spread open; table of contents.