2017 -2018 Term Assignments for WR12: Term 1 (T1), Term 2 (T2), and Term 3 (T3)

Here is a list of what is due and when for Term 1.

1. Hand-made Journals must be finished: sewn, glued, cover put on AND 4 pictures of journal (front, back, opened up but back view), by last WR12 class of September, 2017

2. “Where the World Began Assignment” (Minimum 1 typed page and no more than the equivalent of 2 pages typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman space and a half). Due on Thursday, October 19th, 2017

3. Post Card Creative Non-Fiction Assignment Due: MOVED TO TERM 2!!!

4. View Finder Assignment: Due November 20th, 2017

5. “Humument” model poem of 10 words (min) By Wednesday November 8th, 2017

6. Entire Blog must be up to date (see Blog requirements below) by November 22nd, 2017.

7. Journal Submission — Journals will be date stamped for completion on Monday November 20th. Marking will be done on Monday November 20th and Wednesday the 22nd, 2017. 100% = to 50 pages + 50 entries (Formula for marking: Pages + Entries = Percent (%).

Ms. Hughes’ Term 1 Cut off Monday November 20th, 2017

Organize your Term Blog/Portfolio so it is VERY clear what each posting is; each post needs to be titled.

What must be on your Tumblr on a TERM 1 link/page By November 22nd, 2017.

1. Where the World Began Modeling Assignment (include image to accompany if you want)
2. View Finder Assignment: 3 views of same thing; 50 word description of each view (total 150 words = 3 x 50)
3. “Humament” model poem of 10 words (min) — photos of finished work AND re-type of finished work beside or below photo.’
4. Three (3) of your favourite Journal Entries from Term 1 Journal.
5. 4 Photos of your Journal: Outside shut -front and back-; outside spread open; table of contents.

What must be on your Tumblr on a TERM 2 link/page By Saturday March 3rd (midnight), 2018.

Ms. Hughes’ Term 2 Cut off Monday March 2nd, 2018
1. Script
2. Query letter
3. Journal Expansion as set down in query letter.
4. Three (3) of your favourite Journal Entries from Term 2 Journal.
5. View Finder For Term 2
6. Poem using only words which can function as nouns or verbs in the world of writing! As explained on Feb 22.

Term 3 Work
1. New Shoots Deadline has been extended from original March 19th, 2018 to April 13, 2018. You must submit your work to Peter Takach, our New Shoots Mentor, at peter.takach@gmail.com

Submission to New Shoots is worth 10% of your Term 3 Mark. If you do not submit and take the chance to be published under your own name, you will receive 0/10 on this required task.

2. “Theme from a Symbol” Story Pitch. You have worked on this with a partner or in a group. You need to lock in an agreed upon pitch and EACH of you must post it on your tumblr. This needs to be on your tumblr by April 28th, 2018.
Format: Headings (in bold) and point form for information about:

3. Sonnet Assignment:
We have learned the Shakespearean (aka the Elizabethan or English) sonnet form and function of the structure and rhyme, punctuation, and meter, and the Petrarchan (aka the Italian) sonnet form and function of the structure, rhyme, punctuation, and meter.
TASK (and you have been working on this for the past week or two already):
-Choose something in nature
-Use this aspect of nature to function symbolically within your sonnet.
-Symbol will support theme. You may use an extended metaphor, for example.
-Write the same sonnet theme TWO ways! As a Shakespearean and ALSO as a Petrarchan. Both.

Drafts are due for both sonnets on Tuesday May 8th to tinkertoyzine@gmail.com
I will then provide some feedback.
Finals are due to me on May 14th to ahughes@vsb.bc.ca
AND Finals need to be posted to your .tumblr May 14th.

May 31st is DUE DATE for submitting to class publication “225 _________.” Send to baen822@gmail.com and be sure to send and share as a google doc if at all possible. It could also be .rtf format. Must be a doc that can be edited.

Ms. Hughes’ Term 3 Cut off Thursday June 14th, 2018 Work will not be accepted after June 19th, 2018. No penalty if work comes in before midnight on the 19th, BUT — JOURNALS MUST BE DONE and STAMPED by Friday, June 15th at 3:03.
1. View Finder For Term 3
2. Three (3) of your favourite Journal Entries from Term 3 Journal.
3. New Shoots Submission
4. Sonnet 2 Ways: Petrarchan and Shakespearean WITH photo that inspired them
5. Free Assigment: Minimum 1 page length. Based on one of these brainstormed themes: Joy OR Acceptance OR Motion OR Freedom. Remember, an option for this assignment is a ‘one page zine.’ Google ‘How to make a one page zine.” This Free Assignment is due no later than 19 June.18.
6. Theme from symbol story pitch: write out your idea and place onto your tumblr.
7. Copies of works sent to in house publication.

NOTE:Send to baen822@gmail.com
Assignment is due on 31 May/2018. Submissions will NOT be accepted after June 8th, 2018. Submission is MANDATORY and you will receive a ZERO for this assignment if you submit AFTER June 8th.