Quiz from 26 May, 2016 — Study for do-over!

English 12 Poetry Unit
Spring 2012
Quiz #1
(“Nuns Fret Not”, “Let me not to the marriage”, “Mending Wall”)
1) How many syllables in a line of iambic pentameter? _______________
2) How many long or stressed syllables in an line of iambic pentameter?
3) Draw the symbols for an iamb or iambic foot. _______________
4) What type of poem is “Mending Wall”? _______________
5) What is the rhyme scheme of “Mending Wall”? _______________
6) “Mending Wall” is a poem written by _______________.
7) In addition to being sonnets, “Nuns fret not” and “Let me not to the marriage” are
examples of this type of poem; this is noted on your unit overview.
8) There are _______________ lines in a sonnet.
9) Who wrote “Let me not to the marriage of true minds”? _______________
10) Who wrote “Nuns fret not”? _______________
11) What type of poem is “Let me not to the marriage of true minds”?
12) What is the rhyme scheme of an Italian sonnet? _______________
13) What is the standard rhyme scheme of an English Sonnet?
14) Nuns Fret Not is an example of what kind of poem? A/An _______________.
15) List the all the stanzas of an Elizabethan sonnet. List them in the order of their
appearance and each time they appear. _______________
2012 MayJune EN12 nuns, marriage, wall
16) List the stanzas of an Italian sonnet. List them in order of their appearance.
17) The point of shift in a sonnet is called a/an _______________ and is usuallly
found _______________.