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Hi everyone! As you know, you have been placed into groups based on your choice of novel and these are your responsibilities:

– work together with your group-mates to really get to the bottom of the ideas in the book you are reading.
– participate in ‘casual’ discussions 3-6 times a week (see the schedule on the wiki sidebar
– post one well edited literary analysis paragraph based on either a) the formal questions (see wiki sidebar) OR a question your group creates that would be a good literary analysis paragraph.

Our wiki private Byng Arts 8 only wiki is:

You have all now created a wiki profile and have a user name and password.

There will be a project that extends your learning beyond the confines of the novel. This is a group project that will require you to agree on a format and structure for your project (for example, is it going to be a mobile? a jigsaw puzzle, a structure? a model?) and then you will all have equal responsibility to supply your individual work. Then as a group, smooth it out and unify your individual pieces so they all work together. (For example, if you decide to do a jigsaw puzzle, you can load your piece of the puzzle with YOUR work and THEN as a group, decide how each piece will fit with the others; do not cut your piece until the whole group is together).