Background to William Shakespeare

Before we study Romeo and Juliet, we are going to learn a bit about Shakespeare and his life and his times.

One of the resources we will use, is A&E’s Biography of William Shakespeare which is currently available on YouTube; although I do have it on DVD, showing it to you on YouTube you can access it at any time for review.

All of Shakespeare’s plays are in Five Acts, so too is this film: it divides Shakespeare’s life into five parts.

Your job, as you watch is to take notes on:
1. Things you find interesting.
2. Things you did not know.
3. Things you think Ms. Hughes would put on a test (his birth date,his parents, his family, who was on the throne, etc. etc.).

From your notes, you will create at lest 3 questions and answers you thing SHOULD be on a test about William Shakespeare; I will use these to help make your test.

When the test is made, I will provide you with a copy of the actual test as a worksheet. You will do the worksheet for homework, use it to study and review. We will go over your answers as a class.

The test will then be given with a word bank; not all of the answers will be usable. If you have studied, you will do very well.