WR12 Writing Assignment #1 — Where the World Began by Margaret Laurence (1971)

Find here an online copy of the essay by Margaret Laurence.

Click HERE.

1. Read on your own and consider HOW does Laurence put you in the place where her world began? How does she use language to re-create the memory?
– As you read, use your pencil to underline, notate, and query.
2. Now, find 3 descriptions Laurence uses that you really like. What do you like about them? To what senses is she appealing in her reader?
3. In a small group of 3 or 4 classmates, share out your answers and ideas from question #2 above.
4. Homework: Using pencil crayons (prefered), colour code Laurence’s use of figurative language (e.g. all metaphors could be blue, all simile’s could be green, all allusion could be yellow, etc

Due for homework check at beginning of class on Thursday the 21st Sept. 2017.