The Go-Between by L.P. Hartley


Reading and note taking homework will be updated regularly. Stay up to date.

Must have read
BY: Tuesday April 10th.

Ch. 6 through Ch. 13 by Tuesday the 24th, April.

Chs. 14 through 17 by Thursday the 25th of April

Chs. 18 through Epilogue for Monday April 30th.

On Wednesday May 2nd, you will have an in-class writing assessment based on characters from the novel, The Go-Between and their connection to a central theme. Hand write in ink. Paper will be provided. Open book (a copy of the novel only!)

As You READ: Note taking is required as you read.
– Take note of important diction and note why/how it is important.
– List words that are new to you; look them up and write down definition,
– Think about character, setting, and symbols — what patterns, parallels, insights are being revealed through characters, setting, and symbols? Note your ideas.
– Include page numbers and brief quotations so you can find the material that is important.
– I recommend putting the page number on the left hand side of the left margin line, so it does not get embedded in the body of your notes and prove hard to find.

Useful Resources:

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Find HERE a link to an online .PDF searchable copy of the novel.