A1 Term 3: Important Dates

22 May, 2018: Day One (1) of Seven (7) Poetry Classes. (May, 22nd, May 24th, May 28th, May 30th, June 5, June 7th, & June 11th).

11 June,2018: The Go-Between”Projects and Artist Statements are DUE (at beginning of class).

11th and 13th June: Project Presentations
A). 5 Minute Intro Talk on June 11th (the advertisement/introduce as if a commercial for your project)
B). Gallery Walk Format on the 13th.

15th June, 2018: Book Cards will be collected on June 15th. They should NEVER have gone home and should be available to me at all times. So, get those puppies up to date, y’all!

19th June: In-class analysis write: Poetry Unit.