Exam “Stuff” — Mid Year, Provincial, General

“The Sentry” a short story upon which you will write a summary if you are in my EN8 class. |Due on Monday 16th. Click HERE.

For Grade 8 Mid Year Summary Section. Here is a link to a good “how to” site for writing a summary of a short story. Click HERE.

Grade 8 Mid Year: Literary Devices/Poetic Terms to know for Mid Year. Click HERE.

Mid Year Review Sheet for Grade 8. Click HERE.

Grade 8 Mid Year Format for English 8 and Byng Arts English 8 students (you all write the same exam). Click HERE.

ALL Grades, click HERE for a direct link to the BC Ministry of Education Exam Specs Page for “KEY WORDS” These are key verbs for Written Response Questions… for example, what is required of a “Discuss” question? An “Evaluate” question? Click on the link to make sure you are clear.