EN11E 2018-2019: HW, Notes, and “Stuff” from Class.

Tuesday, September 11th.

Here is the link to the Cornell Note Taking Method that was introduced today in class.

History of Theatre (Part 1): From Ritual to Theatre This link is from YouTube and was made/produced by Betapicts. Introduction of Greek Tragedy

History of Theatre 2 (from Betapicts)

Introduction to Greek Theatre, National Theatre, UK.

Introduction to Greek TRAGEDY, National Theatre, UK

The Continuing Allure of Tragedies (a TED Talk). Awesome

What Makes a Hero? Ted Talk (Awesome!)


Sept 19, 2018
For Tuesday have finished reading Aristotle’s Poetics and have done more note taking as per locating evidence of Aristotle’s Rules within Oedipus Rex and documenting them as instructed (divide page, etc). You will have all next class (Tuesday 25th ) to work with your partner/group on your note taking and evidence; it must be done by Thursday. Come ready Thursday to discuss and prove with large group. Remember, each group member require their own copy of these notes.
Have a great weekend!

Upcoming In-class Essay! Monday, October 1st you will have an in-class essay. You will be required to explain how one of “Aristotle’s Rules of Tragedy” is evidenced in Oedipus Rex.
This is an OPEN BOOK test; you are allowed and directed to bring your copy of The Heath Introduction to Literature containing Oedipus Rex, the hand out on “Aristotle’s Rules of Tragedy” and your notes on the handout.

Length of paper will be 4 paragraphs total (Intro + 2 x body paragraphs + Conclusion).
You will be required to PROVE your position with evidence from the text of Oedipus Rex.

16 October/18

OWL Purdue is a fantastic writing resource. You should refer to it when preparing essays and/or writing at home. Today, let’s look at their information on paragraphing.

Planning a Synthesis Essay (from BGSU — Bowling Green State University in Ohio)

Homework for Thursday, October 18th:
You need to have written as thorough an introduction to your synthesis essay as possible.

On October 18th we will:
1. Create citations for all of the possible works you will use re: Sophocles, Aristotle, and Plato.

2. We wil make sure that there is an introductory paragraph that you can all use if you choose; we will this build together. You, of course, may write your own introduction; that would be great! BUT, it is also great if you want to have the scaffolding of a strong intro as supplied. Remember, this is a learning exercise.

October 18th Notes from class. Find here the opening paragraph on OR and AC that we wrote together.

Citations needed for your Oedipus/Allegory paper. Click HERE.

Using the Literary Present Tense.

“The Painted Door” by Sinclair Ross
Note: This story is in your Heath Anthology.