1.BYNG ARTS EN8, 2018-2019: HW, notes, and “stuff” from Class.

Block 1.3 — September 17: Return Plagiarism Form. It must be signed by both you and one of your parents.
Blocks 2.1 & 2.2 — September 18: Return Plagiarism Form. It must be signed by both you and one of your parents.

1.3, 2.1, and 2.2
In class we went over note taking (divide a page in your notebook so you have 2 columns, put “Notes” on the left hand side and “Ideas, Observations, Examples, etc). We also went over and discussed “Herd Behavior” by CommonLit Staff.

Here is an example of lay out and structure for two column note taking (as done in class 2.2); please refer to this and copy format.

HW: Take notes as above on both sides of handout (Sub-headings are: Background, Examples of Herd Behavior, Behavior in Crowds and Everyday Decision-Making).
ALSO: ON THE SHEET ITSELF Underline the KEY point that you have also put into your notes; this way, you have your notes and the original with full detail.

NEXT Class: You will be writing an OPEN BOOK write in class; your notes AND the handout, “Herd Behavior” are to be used in class.

In class writing dates:
2.1 & 2.2 will write on Wednesday Sept 26th/18
1.3 will write on Thursday Sept 27th/18.

HOMEWORK for 2.1 Sept 28/18 Due on Tuesday 2nd October/18.

We are working on Note Taking skills and on Elements of The Short Story.
Homework is to take notes on the information on short story elements and take notes using the two column method Ms. Hughes has taught you:
FOLD YOUR PAGE IN TWO; on the LEFT HAND column put the information from the link above. You need to do the same kind of indenting and bulleting as on the link. ON THE RIGHT column, put examples you can think of for the notes on the left hand side. You can use books and stories you have read and TV shows and movies if you need to, although short stories will work best. For example, denouement is a short story term, but introduction, inciting moment, rising action, and climax are terms for a variety of genres.

This is due for class on:
Tuesday the 2nd of October for 2.1
Wednesday the 3rd for 1.3
Thursday the 4th for 2.2

Here is the homework for the short story, “Sentry.”

We have read and started looking at this very short story in class. Your homework is to use TWO COLUMN note taking format and locate proof of each part of Freytag’s plot chart (Introduction, Initiating Action, Rising Action [a few examples needed here], and Denouement).

Here is an example provided in class.

Due for 2.1 on Thursday October 4th
Due for 1.3 on Friday October 5th
Due for 2.2 on Wednesday October 10

Notes on THEME. All BA English 8 classes: READ THIS and take notes/finish notes from class. There is a paragraph(s) for homework. Try and write this for class next week (15th or 16 th Oct) if you see this and can. If you don’t see this, we will be working on writing about theme in the “Sentry” next week (week of the 15th), so no worries.

Week of October 15th-18th [15th = 2.1&2.2] [[16th = 1.3]
For Important Notes on Theme Statements and How to Write about Literature, check out the notes from class. Remember, these notes may be updated as we add more information during further class notes.

Notes on Quotations

HW 16 Oct/18 [1.3]Go to ‘Notes from Class’ above and copy all for next day. Today we did notes from ‘Notes on Quotations’ from immediately above.
On the 18th, you will start putting together your first literary analysis (multi-paragraph) response based on Brown’s “Sentry.”

2.1&2.2: Notes on Quotations (as above)& taking a position.
HW 2.1&2.2 October 17th: Working on Literary, Multi-paragraph theme analysis for “Sentry.”

HW 1.3 October 18th: Working on Literary, Multi-paragraph theme analysis for “Sentry.”

2.1 & 2.2 HW Assigned on October 17th and due on Monday 22nd Oct/18:
Refer to the Notes on Quotations link above where I have, at the bottom of that linked page, provided an INTRO and First Body Paragraph.
Your Homework is to complete Pagraph 3 and the Conclusion for this multi-paragraph response. You need to find quotation(s) to support.

Use the provided quotations to model your response.

Write your answer on a full page of your cahier.

Homework for “Penny in the Dust” by Ernest Buckler

Task #1:On the back page of the story packet, draw a vertical line. On the left hand side, indicate conflict patterns & on the right hand side, indicate quotations that would support the conflict patter. This is task #1.

Task #2 Write out two (2) ideas for theme statements for “Penny in the Dust.”

As you read, colour code your conflict patterns: blue for PvP, Red for PvS, and Green for PvE. This way, you can quickly find ALL the evidence for each pattern.
*. You do not have to use these colours.

Homework for 2.1 and 2.2 on 26 October due on 30 October at beginning of class:

Continue working on the WHOLE story; pick up from where you left off in class:
One colour for Father
One colour for son (protagonist)
One colour for penny

In the margins: note conflict patterns, make notes about underlined areas suggest or reveal about character, conflict, and theme. Make notes in the margins about your thoughts.

All of this should help you to arrive at a theme or two and have a sense of what evidence you would use to prove these big ideas (themes).

Notes and Homework from class on October 30th (Day2) and October 31st (Day1)

Book Mark Project!
Click HERE for the Assignment

Day 2: Thursday, November 15th
Day 1: Friday, November 16th

You will each be writing a literary analysis response on “Penny in the Dust.”

You each need to show me that you can apply the literary analysis writing techniques and skills learned and practiced so far this term.

This will be marked; this assessment is an important part of your Term 1 mark, so practice writing about “Penny in the Dust,” for homework (theme, relationship, character, etc. — just pose a question and practice).

Review the notes on how to write about literature. We have learned RULES; REVIEW THEM

What you need to bring to class for the in-class write:

– Your copy of “Penny in the Dust”
– The PROVIDED cue card with rules for writing about literature.
– A blue ink or black ink pen.
… and YOU!
How long will you have to write? 60 minutes.

IEP kids: If you are required to write with computer, that is great; no problem! BUT, you need to take the responsibility to either
A) bring your own laptop
B) Speak to Ms. Davis about acquiring a lap top

It is important that you have your laptop situation sorted at lest one full day before the in-class; communicate with Ms. Hughes WHERE you will get your laptop.

You now have your ‘cheat card.’ Please look here to see what I have suggested be on the cheat card.

Your written work will be marked using the 6 Point Literary Essay Scoring Guide + a mark out of /4 for quotation use. Total mark will be out of /10.

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