The very word “Law” is a Viking word. The Vikings had a legislative assembly and a court. They referred to it as the “ting”. This is where criminal were brought to stand trial. The “Kvird” were a group of people who established the facts of the case by stating what they thought was the truth. The number of people who acted as part of the jury was determined by the importance of the case. the “law-sayer” instructed the jury of the crime the offender had committed and explained the penalty of the Law. Much like our modern court systems, the Jury decided weather or not the accused was guilty. If found guilty, the accused was either fined or declared an outlaw. Civil cases were solved by other means, such as duels, where the “Gods” would decide the victor, ultimately deciding who was right. There were also other ordeals by which the Vikings found “the truth”. For example ordeal by fire, where one had to carry a hot piece of iron in ones hand, and walk 9 paces. Fire walking was also a way the Vikings sought out the truth. Fire walking involved walking 12 paces on hot iron to prove ones innocence, or to prove their claim (such as a claim to the throne) just.