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The Bride and Groom

How We Met

Susan and Len went to the same University, stayed in the same dorms, and shared many of the same friends. Still, they never really met until after they graduated. In some remarkable twist of fate, they both ended up attending a dinner at Swiss Chalet in April 2002 with their mutual friends.

Len noticed Susan right away. He remembers being so taken by her radiant smile, and has been so ever since. In his journal that night, he wrote "When I looked upon her that dinner, it was like seeing the sun for the first time in a long time." He wondered how he'd woo her, and the answer came during that night's conversation. It turned out they both loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Buffy Dates Begin

Len found out that both he and Susan loved the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and he used that as the perfect excuse to get to know her better. Evenings of watching Buffy together were soon followed by late night discussions on everything from philosophy to the silliest humour. Soon, Susan was visiting Len's place to watch Angel, Buffy's spin off. They had never felt so comfortable in another's company, and their feelings began to grow.

Spanish Banks

Being the shy people they are, Len and Susan had difficulty expressing their feelings for each other, even though it was clear that they cared deeply for one another. Eventually, Susan brought Len down to one of the most romantic spots in all of Vancouver - Spanish Banks on a cloud-free night. Sitting among the stars, the ocean, the mountains, and the lights of the city, the two held hands and beautifully stumbled towards telling each other their feelings. And, of course, they shared their first kiss.

A Beautiful Relationship

For the next six years, the two would fall more and more in love, move in together, and experience the entire gamut of human experiences in each other's company. No matter whether times were good or bad, they always felt respected, loved, and cherished by each other. Everything seemed to bring them closer together. Finally, in August 2007, Len proposed to Susan.

The Engagement

When Susan arrived home one August day, she found that Len had left a surprise for her. Upon opening the door, the sound of Brahm's Third Violin and Piano Sonata, 2nd movement guided her to a table. On this table, set among two dozen roses and her favorite stuffed animals, Susan found a message: "Do you remember where we had our first kiss?" Now some people have remarked, "what if she didn't remember?" but of course, Len knew she wouldn't forget. She jumped in her car and raced to Spanish Banks. There, Len was waiting for her at the very same spot they had kissed all those years ago, dressed in suit and tie, ring in hand, bent on one knee.