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The Venues

The Ceremony

Susan and Len are getting married at the Minoru Chapel in Richmond BC. The chapel itself is gorgeous. It is the oldest Chapel in Richmond, and the stained glass windows and tapestries make that history palpable the minute you walk in the door. Once bordered up, the Chapel was reclaimed by the city of Richmond and restored to its former glory. The city relocated the Chapel amongst the natural splendor of Minoru Park for all religions to enjoy, and it has ever since been the crowning jewel of the park. It is now a BC Heritage site.

When we visited the Chapel, we fell in love with it instantly. It was like the little church had been taken out of the French countryside and plunked down right in the middle of Richmond, and that is exactly what Susan has imagined since she was a little girl. The Chapel's quaint beauty perfectly suits our notions of romance, and the staff has been absolutely fantastic to us, accomodating all of our needs. Also, it didn't hurt the decision process that in the front of the Chapel is a garden full of floomphy bunnies.

The Reception

Let's be serious, the reason we're getting married - and the reason you're coming - is for the food! Okay, just joking, but we've booked Richmond's top Chinese restaurant, Kirin, to treat everyone to a gourmet Chinese banquet. Since Susan and I come from different cultures, we decided to combine a Western style ceremony with a Chinese style banquet to symbolize our commitment to each other's cultures. As a further benefit, the restaurant is only a few blocks away from the Minoru Chapel.