Monthly Archives: March 2016

Social Colonoscopy

Why did it have to be me?

My chances were 1 in 30


How could it be me?

No one takes me seriously

This is like a social colonoscopy

I’m full of social anxiety

So why did they choose me?

I don’t do this for free

Why did the teacher choose me?


by Emma Fraser

What Comes After Death?

When I stand upon the doors of death,

My lungs are failing with my last breath,

Just one thought will rule my mind:

What comes next, what will I find?


Perhaps it’s heaven or maybe hell,

Possibly a beach that’s littered with shells.

I go on google to ask my question;

My only response is some Jesus obsession.


Perhaps the Christians really do know what’s next,

But I think the Bible is outdated text.

Some say the soul lives on after the body goes,

But here I’m just thinking, like, what are those?


Perhaps again I will be on this earth,

Maybe the right answer is simply rebirth.

I guess it’s possible I’ll be reborn a cat,

But I have to wonder if I’ll still be this fat.


Anything can come next, really who can say.

For now I’ll live my life just day by day.

Right now the answer really just can’t be found,

And I won’t know until I’m resting underground.



by Vincent Yuan