Monthly Archives: May 2016


I wish I knew better when I started back there.

Tried a bit harder, now I’m stuck in this warfare.

Fighting battles with pencils got me absolutely mental.

It’s got me stressed out like the end of an iamb.


‘Cause there’s an infinite universe where I migh’ve turned out different.

And I wonder if there’s one out there where I’m who I wanna be.

Where I played my cards right and I shot for the moon,

Swoon ‘cause I won their hearts and the queen of spades.


True ascension, that’s my intention, I hope it happens in this dimension.

Gotta risk it for the biscuit. No second chance.

Keep on hustling, I never had a plan.

But hard times never stayed away.

Insomniac, think too much so I stay awake.


I either nailed it, or failed it; Schrodinger’s math test.

Sine and cosines; Trig’s got me like not fine.

The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math.


The truth is, I mess around. Never serious ‘cause that’ll get me down.

I wonder about the universe, and all the other me’s.

Is it in this world that I graduate with a PhD?

I should’ve listened, and worked harder; I should’ve won all my fights.

But I hope that in my future, everything will be alright.


Alex Lin

by Alex Lin


As I lie inside my bed,

Your name’s running through my head.

All I think about is you,

And how much we have been through.


Thus a story has begun,

Now my heart I can bestow.

I love you more than anyone,

I just had to let you know.


If letting go was a choice,

Then I most likely would.

But I can’t deny this substantial voice,

That’s telling me I never should.


Your beauty is so bright and warm,

Shining through the darkest storm.

Those eyes sparkle like stars at night,

I stare into them and my heart you smite.


I love the way you smile at me,

I love the way together we’re free.

I love the way you gaze at me,

I love the way you give me glee.


So thank you for coming into my life,

You’ve removed lots of sorrow and strife.

May we grow old and still have fun,

Because I love you and my heart you’ve won.


There isn’t a day you’re not on my mind,

For someone like you is onerous to find.

There is no place I’d rather be,

Than in your heart and in your dreams.



by Lawrence Luo