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Hair of gold and a heart to match

She casts light wherever She goes

Her eyes bear emeralds

And forests deep enough to get lost in

When She laughs blooms a perfect rose

Ruby red and long stemmed,

With soft petals and sharp thorns

An exquisite creation too pure for this world

She is a puzzle of bow-legged, knobby knees

And smiles that melt my glacier soul

Strong and brave, She walks tall and high

Adored by the masses, and loved by all

She is not there often, but when She is

The night turns golden and bright

And I am reminded once again

How lucky I am to have this angel

The true moon of my life


A poem by Fiona Miller about our dearest Ruby Strong


The tilt of his head

Listening to what you said

A twitch of an ear

As you near

You will never find

One as loving or kind

As hard as you may look

With every trick in the book

He is mine and I’ll

Love him till the end of time

Anna's dog

by Anna Webster



With no standards, I’d be moving forwards without direction,

Doing whatever I want to, never a single suspicion.

But can you imagine doing everything without purpose?

Living, but not, only just brushing the surface.

Standards will set me goals and light my pathway

Keeping on the straight and narrow, never to go astray.

They push us further to do better, be better.

Expectations are good to a certain measure.

Then again, how high can it pile up till it’s a benefit no more?

How much weight can one take till their knees give in and they’re done for?

So maybe we don’t need them, maybe we do,

But this is the question it all comes down to:

Are standards a necessity to lead us to success?

Or are they not needed, just more added stress?


by Catie Akune


My dog, my friend, is here with me
She rubs her face against my nose
And makes me happy as can be
And where I go, she also goes
Always like a shadow, following


When she sleeps, I listen close
To hear the beating of her heart
Her heart is like a blooming rose
And wonderful like abstract art
My dog, my friend, is here with me

by Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong's dog

Natalie’s adorable little Ginger


My Cats: A sonnet by Emily Sorrenti

Oh my two cats are cute as any being,

The first is grey, the second’s orange and white.

Their beauty’s great, can be believed by seeing,

I fell in love with them at the first sight.

The first is Velvet, older of the two,

She’s soft and sweet and perfect to hold close.

The second’s Hobbes; he’s young and playful, who

Will always keep you busy, on your toes.

But while I love my cats so very much,

They always cause much trouble and much mess.

While Velvet barely gives her food a touch,

The other – Hobbes – must really eat much less.

No matter any trouble they might cause,

I love them from their ears right to their paws.

Emily's cats

Velvet and Hobbes, Emily’s dear cats