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2D English 10 Byng Farts

“Who farted?” Miranda asked. “It stinks in here. Who?” she repeated. “Who? Who? I said that it stinks in here.”

“Who farted?” Nina asked. “It stinks in here.”

“Who farted?” Meg sniffed the air. “It stinks in here.”

“Wowee!” said Miranda’s friend. “You’re right! It really does stink in here.”

“I did it,” admitted Lawrence. “I’m sorry. I had a really big lunch.”

“Oh gross,” sighed Malcolm.



“Ew,” repeated Ms. Liao.

“Must have had beans,” Kira said kindly.

“Ms. Liao, can you smell that?” Miranda called out.

Ms. Liao remained silent, plugging her nose.

“Let’s punish him!” Nina called out. Nina was always quick to punish others.

“Let’s hang him out the window,” Miranda suggested, trying to be helpful but not really succeeding in doing so.

“We can all just forgive him,” Meg suggested.

“That’s too kind. He stank up this room and all our lives have now been shortened because of this gassy smell. Like, seriously.” Kira turned to Lawrence and glared at him. “Lawrence, you need to be punished!”

Merlin mumbled to himself about his lost worksheet.

“What are you saying back there? Be quiet!” Ms. Liao snapped. She was sooooooooooooooo mean.

TOOT! Onomen let out a bigger, stinkier fart than Lawrence. She always wanted to be NUMBER ONE.