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Throwback to 2015: Danielle’s Toilet Poem

Danielle’s Toilet Poem

One fine day in early fall
A lonely figure stood
Huddled right by a doorway
Pulled over her nose was a hood
Glancing across the hallway
She cast a regretful sigh
For the lavatory she wished to enter
Somewhat resembled a farm pig sty
Not even a few minutes prior
She’d approached, opened the door
But had stopped dead in her tracks
Oh my, what was that foul odour?
She turned, backtracked immediately, held her breath, her face turned blue
What was that soggy tissue doing in the sink
In the toilet, was that poo?
Carefully, cautiously stepping
She’d slowly perused each stall
But to her bladder’s grief and her own dismay
Her fellow peers had tainted them all
“These animals!” she lamented
Really did they have no pride?
Shaking her head in utter disgust
She’d quickly stepped back outside
And so now she stood silently, sadly, facing that dreadful door
Muttering, she picked up her bag
She’d have better luck on the third floor
By Danielle Lee
Pictured here in English 10 Literary Arts, circa 2015