Monthly Archives: June 2017

From My Bedroom Window

I sit and look into the dark night

And watch the passing world with great delight

I gaze up at the marvelous distant stars

I can see Venus, Jupiter, the moon, and even Mars

I am amazed and in awe of how beautiful they are

As I ponder if we will ever travel that far

I see them dance and play through the Milky Way

As I watch silently from my secret hideaway

I feel the summer breeze gently blow past my bare feet

As they dangle down from my lofty window seat

I see a singular white cloud sail gently by like a puff of smoke

As I hear the soft call of a night owl as it gently awoke

When at last I must retire from this miraculous sight

I bid the wondrous world a gentle goodnight

By Meg Tobert